Update on Dolly

Update on Dolly
Because of the illness of guitarist Yuina, Dolly has announced that from their 05.28 Fan Club only live until their 11.04-11.05 two days lives, they will take an activity pause. They say that this is needed in order for them to continue to grow together as a band, and they thank fans for their continued support.

Source: OHP


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3 Responses to Update on Dolly

  1. Samm.

    Oh shi-
    I hope Yuina will get better soon!
    ( Did they ever say what he has? )

  2. katie

    Samm.> They never did say what he has, only that his physical condition is poor =/ Whatever it is, I hope he gets well soon, too!

  3. Tay

    What the heck?
    This must be really serious if it’s such a long pause.
    I hope he’ll be better soon.

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