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Interview: BABY I LOVE YOU
Tuesday, May 10, 2016 at 8:56am in Contests, Featured, Interviews, Originals

Interview: BABY I LOVE YOU


Here’s an opportunity that doesn’t get very often: an interview with a band that hasn’t even officially started activities. We had one such opportunity with BABY I LOVE YOU, a 4-member band set to debut at their first sponsored show on May 20th. They talk about how the members met each other and decided to form a band, details on their first releases, and plans for the near future. Read on if you’re curious about this openhearted band!



-Since this is our first interview with BABY I LOVE YOU, could you start by introducing each member?
KANADE: I’m KANADE, the vocalist.
SOMALI: I’m SOMALI on guitar.
RIO: I’m RIO on bass.
SELLA: I’m SELLA, the drummer.

-Could you tell us about how you decided on your band name? Do you have a band concept?
SELLA: SOMALI thought of the name and we all thought it was good.
SOMALI: As for our band concept – it’s a common perception that Japanese people are shy, right? We can’t say the words “I love you” as easily as people from other cultures. That’s part of what I was thinking of when I thought of the name. It shows up in our band in other ways as well.

-How did the members meet and decide to form a band?
SELLA: I met SOMALI first. We were in different bands before, but we decided to form a new band together and searched for members. That’s how I met KANADE. Then he introduced us to RIO.

-What were your first impressions of each other?
SELLA: The first thing I thought about KANADE was, “Man, he’s tall.” (laughs) RIO is a pretty big guy, too.
SOMALI: I thought RIO was the most visual-looking. I’ve been in bands for a long time, and when I met KANADE, I thought he was the perfect mix of all of the previous vocalists I’ve worked with.
KANADE: I first met SELLA and SOMALI, and I thought they both seemed like talented people who made really cool songs. SELLA first came to watch me when I was in another band and then showed me his music. RIO did support for me in that band. I thought he was a good bass player, so I wanted to introduce him to the other members.
RIO: I thought everyone seemed really strong…

-Your first show will be on 5/20. What kind of show can we expect?
KANADE: I want to put on a show that everyone will enjoy and remember. I want everyone to think we’re cool.
SOMALI: I want to appeal to everyone 100%. I want it to feel like an attraction at an amusement part; a “live attraction.”
SELLA: I want to put on a memorable show. We’re going to give it our all.

-How would you describe your sound?
SOMALI: We’re a bit metal.
KANADE: Metal, gothic, symphonic, visual kei…
SELLA: Love metal. But seriously, we try not to constrain ourselves to just one genre. We’d like to continue to evolve.

-You’re distributing 3 free songs at your 3 week consecutive sponsored shows. Can you tell us a bit about each song?

[Tears in…]
SOMALI: It’s a song that you can enjoy at shows even if you’re hearing it for the first time. It’s like our welcome song. You’ll want to move around once you hear it.
KANADE: The lyrics talk about how, despite there being a lot of pain and suffering in the world, there will be someone to save you. It’s about believing in the future.

[No one is immortal]
KANADE: I wrote this song with this band and our beginning in mind. It’s about overcoming obstacles and moving towards the future.

[Withering color]
SOMALI: Musically, this song is dark and full of tension. It’s also melodious.
SELLA: It has a bit of a slower tempo than the others. It’s a song that people will probably quietly listen to at shows.

-Your first mini-album “eMiLy ~one’s mind~” will be released in August. We thought it was interesting that while the A-type includes 6 songs, the B-type only includes 3. Why is that?
SELLA: We’ll be giving out the 3 songs not included on the B-type at our first shows, so we thought that those who get those 3 songs won’t need them.

-You have a lot planned for the beginning of your band activities, but what are you looking forward to the most?
Everyone: Everything.
SOMALI: We love everything coming up. We’d like to look forward to every event that’s coming up one by one.

-We know you just started as a band, but do you have any hopes to tour overseas someday? Where do you want to go?
KANADE: We do want to. I’d like to go anywhere.
SOMALI: A lot of music I’m interested in is based in Europe. I love Italian metal, like Rhapsody. I’d also like to go to Taiwan and America.
SELLA: There are a lot of places that we want to go. I’ve been to America and Europe before. Japan is a bit small, so I like experiencing different cultures.

-Lastly, please give a message to all of our readers.
SOMALI: I’ve played in a lot of bands before. This is the first band I’ve been in with a name that has such an impact, so I hope people will listen to us and we can leave an impression.
RIO: Please come to Japan. ♡
SELLA: We hope that we can meet everyone around the world as a band someday.


BABY I LOVE YOU will be kicking off activities on May 20th, where you can grab a free copy of “Tears in…” Check below for more details of their first sponsored shows, their free one-man, and their upcoming release in August.


May 20 (Fri) @ Ikebukuro BlackHole
Open: 16:00/Start: 16:30
*Attendees will receive a free copy of “Tears in…”

May 24 (Tue) @ Meguro Rockmaykan
Open: 16:30/Start: 16:30
*Attendees will receive a free copy of “No one is immortal”

June 3 (Fri) @ Shibuya Star Lounge
Open: 16:00/Start: 16:30
*Attendees will receive a free copy of “Withering color”

Tickets are 3,000yen advance, 3,500yen same day. Check out their OHP for a list of bands participating in each show.

“Emily -one’s mind-“ will be released on August 3rd in two types. Type A costs 3,240yen and includes a DVD while Type B includes a 3-track CD for 1,620yen. You can pre-order both types on CDJapan.

S-T is giving away one free autograph board signed by all the members of BABY I LOVE YOU! Enter using any or all of the Rafflecopter entry methods below. The deadline for entries is May 18th.

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Interview and translation by Shannon


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