12012 releasing a new full album

12012 releasing a new full album
It’s not been that long since 12012 has decided to release their new single and they have already announced a new full-album

The album will be out on the 14th of July and will be titled 「SEVEN」. It will come out in two types: regular edition for 3,000 yen and including 13 tracks and limited edition for 3,500 yen and including 12 tracks and a bonus DVD.

They will be holding several instore events too to commemorate both releases:

July 17th @ Like an Edison, Tokyo
July 18th @ Brand X
August 8th @ Like an Edison, Nagoya
August 15th @ Like an Edison, Osaka
August 29th Jishuban Club

Don’t forget 12012’s summer tour though!

Anyway, the costumes seem to be new too, so what do you think about the look?

Source: Jishuban Club, OHP


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5 Responses to 12012 releasing a new full album

  1. Blade

    I hope it’s way better than mar maroon :D
    I still can’t help being excited about this

  2. wuupi

    yes!!!! my fav band !!!

  3. pinkusupaida

    woo~ finally good news is taking the lead for a while. T.T
    I’m excited ^-^

  4. buster

    hope there will be a lot of new tunes on the cd

  5. majesku

    never really been a fan of them…don’t know why, just don’t like their music.

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