New single and summer tour for Royz

New single and summer tour for Royz
Royz released their first live DVD today, and it was accompanied by exciting news for their fans: their sixth single comes out next month!

「Starry HEAVEN」 is scheduled to hit the stores on June 27th and comes in three types:

Type A (Limited Edition; CD+DVD) – 1,890 yen
1. Starry HEAVEN
2. (untitled song A)

Type B (Regular Edition; CD) – 1,575 yen
1. Starry HEAVEN
2. (untitled song A)
3. (untitled song B)

Type C (Regular Edition; CD) – 1,575 yen
1. Starry HEAVEN
2. (untitled song A)
3. (untitled song C)

All types come with 2 trading cards, out of 10 in total. Those who buy all 3 types simultaneously will receive the 「The space of 「6」 HEAVENS」 tour pamphlet as a present.

Starting in July, Royz will go on a summer tour titled 「The space of 「6」 HEAVENS」, during which they will celebrate the birthdays of two members!

July 3 @ Shibuya O-WEST [公大 (Koudai) birthday live]
July 5 @ Yokohama FAD [杙凪 (Kuina) birthday live]
July 7 @ Saitama Shintoshin VJ-3
July 8 @ Kashiwa PALOOZA
July 11 @ Fukushima CLUB#9
July 13 @ Morioka CHANGE WAVE
July 14 @ Aomori Quarter
July 16 @ Sendai darwin
July 21 @ HR Utsunomiya VJ-2
July 22 @ Mito LIGHT HOUSE
July 28 @ Takasaki Club FLEEZ
July 31 @ Kanazawa AZ
August 4 @ Shinsaibashi BIG CAT
August 5 @ Nagoya E.L.L.
August 7 @ Matsuyama Salon Kitty
August 9 @ Okayama IMAGE
August 11 @ Fukuoka DRUM Be-1
August 12 @ Hiroshima CaveBe
August 14 @ Kobe VARIT.
August 18 @ Hokkaido cubegarden
August 19 @ Hokkaido cubegarden
August 25 @ Akasaka BLITZ
September 28 @ Namba Hatch

Tickets for the main part of the tour are 3,800 yen, while the semifinal at Akasaka BLITZ and the final at Namba Hatch are 4,200 yen. General sale starts on June 9th.

Source: OHP, CDJapan


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