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ex-LuLu Members Announce Debut of Zooc
Sunday, April 27, 2014 at 9:35am in Introductions, Lives, New Releases, News, OHP, One-mans, Translations

ex-LuLu Members Announce Debut of Zooc


We thought we would be waiting until May to hear more from ex-Lulu Sayuki about his new project, but details have emerged this evening, several days early. Those who are subscribed to the Zukku mail magazine will have a few more details, but much of the band’s debut is now public knowledge, thanks to the launch of their OHP. It seems the band’s official name will be written as Zooc upon commencement of activities in August. So, without further ado, let’s meet the band and see what they have in store for the scene this summer.


アタック・フトシ (Attack Futoshi)
Part: Vocals
Birthday: October 17
Blood Type: B
Likes: Turtles, Mebius Super Light, gross things


Part: Guitar
Birthday: February 28
Blood type: A


まーつん (Maatsun)
Part: Bass
Birthday: January 5
Blood type: O
Likes: JACO PASTORIUS, aquairum fish and turtles, fishing, cooking


キーチ (Kiichi)
Part: Drums
Birthday: April 27
Blood type: AB
Likes: Alcohol, Lark Classic Mild, Dragonball, Gundam

Do any of these guys look familiar? Well, they should! As you already know, the unit’s leader, Sayuki, has changed his name to Futoshi, and will be acting as vocalist instead of a guitarist for Zooc. Guitarist YUKIO (formerly Yuki) and bassist Maatsun were Futoshi’s band mates in LuLu. Kiichi is also currently drumming for Clockwise Planet.

As you can tell from the group picture above, Zooc will officially launch activity on August 29th this year with a free one-man live at a rather unusual venue.

August 29 (Fri) @ Yoyogi Park Open-Air Stage
Open/Start: 6:00pm / 6:30pm
Acts: Zooc
*Because this is a free venue, there will be no ticket reservations. Please come as you like.

Before this live, however, Zooc has dropped several dates for fans to pay attention to — it looks like there will be plenty of unofficial activity before their formal debut. Dates to save are May 4, May 19, May 21, June 8, July 13, July 14, and August 10.

Linked on their live schedule is a list of rules regarding manners at Zooc’s lives. This kind of warning has been appearing on more and more bands’ OHPs lately so it’s certainly not unique, but that it’s been published from the outset for Zooc gives us a good opportunity to mention it:

◆ The practices of shikiri, saving spots, and any other practices that may trouble other guests is forbidden. Please enter the venue in order of your ticket number.
◆ Clothing: As high heels and sharp accessories can potentially cause guest injury, please refrain from wearing them during lives.
◆ Valubles: Please look out for your valuables, as the live house and band are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
◆ Irimachi and demachi are forbidden. Even in the case that you have a gift for a band member, handing it over to the member directly is forbidden, so please leave it in the custody of the merchandise clerk or staff.
◆ Please refrain from any behavior which could trouble the live house or performers.
◆ Photography and recordings are forbidden without permission of the sponsor.
◆ Regarding the lineup at events with several bands appearing, if the sponsor does not permit the announcement of the order we will not be able to inform our fans.
◆ Photographs with the members or autographs are limited to specified events. Photographs and autographs will not be granted in any other circumstances.
◆ Any behavior that could cause trouble or discomfort for the band or other guests is prohibited at photographing and autographing events.

Please understand that violating the above items will result in being banned from Zooc’s lives and events.
We ask for each and every person’s cooperation so everyone can enjoy Zooc’s lives in peace.

Most of these points seem understandable and common sense, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!
In addition to the announcement of their first live, Zooc has published information about their first release, a single which will drop days before the free one-man. Tickets for an unreleased CD will be included in random copies of the single, so if luck’s on your side you may get a bonus CD!

「当たり前だよ人生は」 (Atarimae da yo Jinsei wa) – ¥1080
Release date: August 13, 2014 (Wed)
Track list
1. 当たり前だよ人生は (Atarimae da yo Jinsei wa)
2. 君にジェラシー (Kimi ni Jealousy)
3. 小鳥たちのために(Instrumental) (Kotoritachi no Tame ni)

Translation: Ku
Source: Mail magazine, OHP

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