PaRADEiS 1st anniversary!

PaRADEiS 1st anniversary!
The band will be having their first anniversary on June 23rd at Osaka Muse. Tickets will be 2800 yen if preordering and 3300 yen at the door. A surprise new song will be handed out to those who come! So I’m guessing like a free live only single!!


Random – Planet CHILD Music (the label the band is on), is looking for new staff to help the band and do makeup. Must be 20 yrs old and have enough stamina to go on tour and help with lives. Kinda cool no?

Source: Planet CHILD hp. PaRADEiS hp

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5 Responses to PaRADEiS 1st anniversary!

  1. tophie

    -cries- no way D: why 20 years old ;_;? I know that’s technically the adult age in japan, but …

    also I wish I could go to that live too! I love parade very much~ ;A;

  2. nena

    I want to go!! XDD

  3. Mija

    I know – it seems fun!

  4. harlene

    if only i lived in japan ;\
    that’d be a great job.

  5. PaRADEiS-Freak

    WEHHH TT_TT I wish I could go to japan and change my age into 20.

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