Versailles - new album

Versailles - new album
Versailles recently announced their short Europe Tour.
Now the band announced that they will be releasing a new album.

Their new album will include 13 songs and is title [Holy Grail]. It will go on sale on June 15th.
The album will come in 3 types.
The Regular Edition will come with a CD + a 16 pages booklet.
The Limited Edition with DVD will come with a CD, a 16 pages booklet + a DVD (with 4 PVs).
The Deluxe Box Limited Edition will come with a CD, a DVD, a 100 pages picture booklet + an Original Poster.


5.Remember Forever
6.Destiny -The Lovers-
7.DRY ICE SCREAM!! [Remove Silence]
9.Judicial Noir
10.Love will be born again
12.Faith & Decision
13.The Theme of Holy Grail
14.Music Video of MASQUERADE
15.Music Video of Vampire
16.Music Video of DESTINY -The Lovers-
17.Music Video of Philia

[DVD for Deluxe Box]
-Personal Edit Music Video of MASQUERADE
I. KAMIJO ver.
V. YUKI ver.
-KAMIJO Interview & Special Making

Click on the links below to preorder.
Holy Grail [Regular Edition] @ 3150 yen
Holy Grail [w/ DVD, Limited Edition] @ 3500 yen
Holy Grail [Deluxe Box / Limited Edition] @ 3980 yen

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5 Responses to Versailles - new album

  1. Anna

    Wow~! I can’t wait! Their music is always so amazing. <3 And they all look so great, too. Hizaki's dress. <3

  2. Roy_Heaven

    HOLY SMOKES!! I can’t wait for the album!

  3. fs_chibi

    i need to touch their outfits!
    maybe even hug kamijo and teru……yea i’ll do that too.
    idk which type to get @_@ i needz this album >.<

  4. Hunter

    Can’t wait for the album to come out! Might even buy the DVD…

    Ah! Anyone know when they’ll be coming to the US?

  5. Zanx

    Versailles Rock! Hell Yeah. \m/

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