New members for the Riotts.!

New members for the Riotts.!
Thanks to everyone who sent this in! It seems like a lot of people are following the Riotts.!

the Riotts. have announced their “second season guest players”!
Now on vocals is ぶぅ (Buu), the singer for えんそく (Ensoku).
And on guitar we have tetsu, formerly of ギミック (Gimmick).

Along with the new members, the Riotts. will be releasng their first maxi single! The title is 「スターゲィザー」 (Stargazer) and it’s coming out on May 26th. The release will be out in two types, a first press edition that comes with a CD plus a DVD containing a PV for the title track for 2100 yen, and a regular press edition that’s the CD only for 1575 yen.

The tracklist is as follows:
1. 【スターゲイザー】 (Stargazer)
2. 【星屑と月と灰色の街(Re:new ver.)】 (Hoshikuzu to Tsuki to Haiiro no Machi (Re:new ver.))
3. 【METEOLITE】 [Regular Press Only]

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5 Responses to New members for the Riotts.!

  1. Tanja

    .. I loled so hard.
    A band with Tara isn’t able to exist without problems XD

  2. *Tomoyo*

    Mh, but on drums there’s always Kasumi as i can see, the new member is the other guitarist i guess!

  3. Ku

    Buu! ♥ He’s so fantastic.

  4. xel

    Buu is so awesome~
    I can’t wait for this release,
    but I’m sure everyone knows that this band isn’t going to last long due to their a-hole bassist.

  5. rori

    holy shit buu! awesome! 8D

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