Versailles – short EU tour and special song from HIZAKI

Versailles - short EU tour and special song from HIZAKI
Versailles has announced a short EU tour for this summer! They will be playing in France, Sweden and Italy.

Versailles Spring Tour 2011-Europe-
June 1st Nancy, France @ l’Autre Canal [ Ticket info ]

June 3rd Uppsala, Sweden @ Uppsala Konsert och Kongress [ Ticket info ]

June 4th Cava de Tirreni, Italy @ Area Mercatale [ Ticket info ]

There is also a special song from HIZAKI posted on their OHP with a following message (in Japanese and English):

On March 11th 2011, the pacific coast of Tohoku was struck by an earthquake and tsunami. It was The damage done was far beyond our imagination and has taken the lives of countless people, with many missing persons still unaccounted for.
As an artist and as a person, I have composed music from my soul that I wish to dedicate to the people affected by the events above.
A prayer made by those across Japan and the world
Hope for tomorrow by your actions will be made
Energy to those who suffer
All souls taken by the disaster
This is what I can do. I hope my music can touch and heal your souls
I am praying for you….
April 1st 2011 From: Versailles HIZAKI

What do you think?

Source: OHP

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3 Responses to Versailles – short EU tour and special song from HIZAKI

  1. Mayaku

    They are also going to do the OST of a Vampire movie in Japan.

    Bad idea to play only in 3 live houses in Europe… And the song is nice, but forgettable…

  2. LDB

    I think it was nice of hizaki to do this~~

  3. Tricen

    what? only three countries?
    They could’ve come to Finland too, it was so great gig last summer

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