New band – yazzmad

New band - yazzmad
ナオキ (Naoki), ex. 斜GIRL (ShaGIRL) has finally updated some details on his new band, exactly as he promised! It’s called yazzmad and the members are:

Vocal: ナオキ (Naoki)
Guitar: 健希 (Genki)
Drums: 裕哉 (Yuuya)

What is more, if you reserve tickets through the bands for their 2 upcoming lives, you’ll get a distributed CD. Here are the dates, venues and CD titles (Which are probably also the songs’ titles as well):

May 19th @ Takadanobaba AREA – 『Hello,your pain,』
June 15th @ Ikebukuro Chop – 『Hello,this world.』

Those who reserved their tickets via yazzmad for their first live (which was held on the 15th of April) got a CD entitled 『Hello,my sadness,』.

Source: OHP


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  1. Tsuky

    I am happy to see aoki again :D

  2. Shinta

    interesting band.

  3. marru

    glad to have him back already! : D wheyy~

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