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Flashback Friday: Cuartet
Friday, April 11, 2014 at 4:17pm in Flashback Friday, News

Flashback Friday: Cuartet
Cuartet (2004)

Cuartet (2004)

This week, we bring you a more recent Flashback Friday contender – Cuartet.

Cuartet, formerly known as コロシ (Koroshi), first began official live activities at what was to become their “home venue” Rockmaykan on May 18th, 2003 and quickly switched to CLIMAX ENTERPRISE (headed by ex-Garnet’s Hibiki) in June.

Cuartet at a glance
April 2003 – June 22nd, 2005
Founded by Saki, Aika, Shinkichi, and Rouji
9 maxi singles/mini-albums, 3 omnibuses, 1 DVD

They held their first sponsored live later that month on June 24th and held a free one-man the very next day. Despite having no ticket charge, the high attendance of this first one-man was deemed to be “sold out,” establishing their place in CLIMAX ENTERPRISE. Copies of their song 「恋 時雨」 (Ame Jigure) – featured on the omnibus album “KALEIDOSCOPE” – were distributed for free at the show, so the lucky attendees had something to bring home to show to curious fans.

Drummer Rouji left to be replaced shortly afterwards by Yuuki; Mayoi also joined as a second guitarist. This line up would remain the same until sometime in 2004, when Yuki left the band and left Junna to fill his spot.


Saki Cuartet (left), OUTRAGE (right)

Cuartet (left), OUTRAGE (right)

Vo. 咲 (Saki)
Birthday: September 18th
Blood type: A
Member from founding to disbandment
Band history: Ruinous → Parasite Lúcia → L’ie:Chris! (Vo.) → Kar+te=zyAnose (Dr.) → Koroshi (コロシ)→ Cuartet (咲) → Ivys (咲伐) → ActLess TheAteR (Saki 碕) → (N.S.Heavy) → OUTЯAGE (Saki咲, until May 4, 2011)
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Aika Cuartet (left), TRIGGAH (right)

Cuartet (left), TRIGGAH (right)

Gt. 鴉嘩 (Aika)
Birthday: May 26th
Blood type: A
Member from founding to disbandment
Band history: Parasite Lúcia (Aika 藍華) → Koroshi コロシ(Ayato 絢斗) → Cuartet → Black:List(AIKA) → TRIGGAH (until the hiatus on July 2012)
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Shinkichi Cuartet



Ba. 慎吉 (Shinkichi)
Birthday: November 5th
Blood type: A
Member from founding to disbandment
Band history: TANATOS → REINCARNATION CRIME → Lycanthrope → 狂夜 (Kyouya) → PinkFilm → (槍珍) (Yarichin) → Koroshi コロシ → Cuartet → (Alively Sanctuary) → retirement from music industry
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Rouji (Vampire)

Rouji (Vampire)

Dr. Rouji
Birthday: August 26th
Blood type: A
Member from beginning to June 25, 2003
Band history: → FeaR → VIASS! → Objet De Neige → コロシ Koroshi Cuartet → appui → ヴァンパイア(Rouji→ロージ) → Vampire (current)

Other Members

Gt. Riku
Birthday: January 12th
Blood type: B
Member until name change from コロシ to Cuartet (2003)
Band history:→ 魅琴 (Mikoto) (悲敬) → Ma’die Kusse (萸威) → M → コロシ (Riku) → GREEN HERB STRAIGHT TEA TIME (Sawada Yui 沢田唯)

Mayoi Cuartet


Gt. 真宵 (Mayoi)
Birthday: ?
Blood type: ?
Member from June 28th, 2003 to the end
Band history: → Cuartet → unknown

Dr. 准那 (Junna)
Birthday: July 5th
Blood type: A
Member from 2004-disbandment
Band history: タキシードグッピー (Tuxedo Guppy) → Misery → フィギュア(Figure) → ディマリア → Garnet → Cuartet(Dr.) → (Alively Sanctuary) (Gt.)

Yuki Warugaki



Dr.悠生 (Yuki)
Birthday: November 25th
Blood type: B
Member from June 28th, 2003 to unknown date
Band history: → Cuartet → Killer (キラー, support) → Otome Michi (乙女道, support) → Glacier (グレイシア,  Yuki 佑生)→GLACIER  → (ClubRichard) (Hasuike Yuki – 蓮池佑生) → Warugaki (ワルガキ, Okabe Yuki- 岡部佑生)
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Following the additions of Yuki and Mayoi to the band, Cuartet released their first maxi single “SPHERE” and their first mini album “「CORE」-code 219/344-” in a two-month consecutive release in August and September 2003. Later that winter, Cuartet was pitted against Luciffer-signed bands like Devil Kitty in the “CLIMAX ENTERPRISE vs. Luciffer’s Record Tour.” They wrapped up the year with two one-man events in commemoration of their second mini-album “Deep bonds of Ogre” released on December 17th. Free video content was distributed at the two shows, each with different content.


Cuartet “Deep bonds of Ogre” flier (2003)

In February 2004, Cuartet released their first video clip 「Cuartetの裏ビデオ」 (Cuartet no Ura Video) limited to 1000 copies. The very next month, the band released three singles limited to each of Like an Edison’s Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka stores. The Tokyo store received 「花咲かせ行進曲」 (Hana Sakase Koushinkyoku), Nagoya got a taste of 「コロシ愛」 (Koroshi Ai), and Osaka ended up with 「さようなら…」 (Sayonara…). They contributed to CLIMAX’s omnibus album “imperial” in June.

Autumn brought two more releases from Cuartet: their maxi single “lukewarm” was released on September 1st, and the last release of the year was their 3rd mini album “R~forbidden phase~” in October. The band started off 2005 on a good note with the release of their 4th and final mini album “photograph” on January 19th. Unfortunately, problems with their label among other circumstances ultimately ended in the disbandment of Cuartet on June 22nd, 2005.

Cuartet "photograph" flier (2005)

Cuartet “photograph” flier (2005)

2005 may have been the date of Cuartet’s disbandment, but they held one revival tour that spanned Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya in Summer 2006. Besides that, they played one last revival live in May 2011. Rouji is the only member currently in an active band (Vampire), but Saki continues on with musical activities in a couple of ways. Though he announced his official retirement from band activities at the 2011 revival live, he started his own label Bloom in January 2014, signing bands Shedia and Verzel. He’ll also be the vocalist in a session band at Silverlight Fest 2014. Aika, expressing his undying devotion to DUAL CORE SOUND ENTERPRISES, frequently attends events and acts as a support member related to the company.

While Yuki’s exact whereabouts are unknown, apparently he is involved in tea ceremony activities and will be at such an event this April 27th in Chiba. Shinkichi, on the other hand, pursued a more academic lifestyle; the last we heard, he was attending graduate school and working part-time as a TA and at a convenience store. As for Riku and Mayoi, their whereabouts are completely unknown.

So, there you have it, readers! Another band’s history left for you on this week’s Flashback Friday. Are you or were you a fan of Cuartet? Do you recognize any familiar faces from bands you like now? What’s on your mind? We want to know, readers! And make sure to let us know if you have any future Flashback Friday requests!

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