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Friday, April 3, 2015 at 3:00pm in Breaking News, Dismissals, Lives, One-mans, Translations


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In the middle of March, ALDEBARAN had some shocking–or not so shocking–news for fans. The band has only been around since June 2014, but they’ve already had to kick out one of their members. MASATO was dismissed from the line-up after he failed to attend both rehearsals and lives since March 10th. Read the full announcement below along with comments from each member on Twitter (translated by yours truly):


We thank you for your continuous patronage of our affiliated band “ALDEBARAN.”
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and worry caused by ALDEBARAN’s drummer, MASATO.
He has been involved in a scandal so great that it violates his contract with us, and for that we apologize.
From this day forth, MASATO has been dismissed from ALDEBARAN, and his contract with our company has been canceled.
Furthermore, ALDEBARAN will continue on for now as 3 members without MASATO.
We will administrate more effectively in order to prevent this from occurring again.
We are very sorry.


Soshi, Toshi, Chiharu
All Staff


Like the official announcement says, MASATO committed a deplorable act and has left ALDEBARAN as of today. For me, this is nothing but frustrating. It’s really painful that a member had to leave this way. I’m really sorry that we’ve worried everyone.

From now on, we have to work harder than ever to fill in the whole that MASATO has left. We won’t skimp on time or effort in order to accomplish that. I want you to keep supporting us as we restart today.


I apologize to all of our supportive fans and staff for betraying you. We’ve caused a lot of trouble and worry for you all. This is the result of discussions between both members and staff. I personally had mixed feelings about it, but this was our only choice.

From now on, it will just be the 3 of us; if there is any chance that you’ll watch over us, we want to return the favor with both music and attitude, however incompetent we may be. We want to play music more seriously than ever before.

Finally—I won’t say much because I don’t want to cause any misunderstandings or invite commentary—but I want to tell this to the fans who are still worried from the bottom of their hearts. We’ve been in contact with MASATO. He is safe.

ALDEBARAN will be a 3-member band from now on, but we’ll continue looking forward. We have a clear goal in mind for June. We’re working day by day to accomplish that goal. We’ll also keep on working to make our time on stage with you awesome. Please continue to give ALDEBARAN your support.


I’m not really the type of person to apologize or express my feelings at length, so in a few words, it might be weird to say that you should feel okay because we’re only looking forward, but we’ll make sure you don’t have to worry. We just hope you’ll keep supporting us.

ALDEBARAN has been carrying on with band activities swimmingly since then with the help of a support drummer. In fact, they’ll be celebrating their first anniversary with a one-man show at Shibuya’s own Star Lounge.

June 28 (Sun) @ Shibuya Star Lounge
ALDEBARAN 1st anniversary ONE-MAN LIVE
Open: 17:30/Start: 18:00
Ticket: 3500yen advance/4000yen same day

You can purchase tickets in advance at the merch table at any of their upcoming lives, or you could wait until April 11th start purchasing them on e-plus.

Source: vkdb, OHP


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