More details on Paradeis’ DREAM

More details on Paradeis' DREAM
The tracklist for Paradeis’ second full album has been posted on their website!

DREAM comes out on May 2nd in two types:

Limited Edition (CD+DVD) – 3,675 yen
Regular Edition (CD) – 3,150 yen

1. show one’s colors
2. 人魚 (ningyo)
3. 秘密 (himitsu)
4. 君のステージ (kimi no stage)
5. Wither
6. ゆめくじら-DREAM Ver- (yume kujira-DREAM Ver-)
7. Pathos Logos
9. hungru baby
10. 夢のなる樹 (yume no naru ki)

The limited edition DVD has the PV for 君のステージ (kimi no stage).

This release will be paired with a series of instore events in May and June!

May 3rd @ Osaka ZEAL LINK
May 3rd @ Like An Edison Osaka
May 8th @ SKULL ROSE Fukuoka
May 12th @ Nagoya fiveStars
May 13th @ little HEARTS. Shinjuku
May 15th @ Like An Laforet Harajuku
June 24th @ JOYSOUND Kyoubashi

May also marks the start of their 4th anniversary tour DREAM 2012! You can find more information about it here.

Source: OHP , CDJapan


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  1. Paredan

    I’m really happy for their 2nd album release!! I just hope somehow I’ll get enough money to purchase both the limited and regular edition.
    Kind of disappointed they included old songs but they had already done that with Col Tempo
    so I really shouldn’t be surprised but I was hopping for more new songs.

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