More on Ruvie disbanding

More on Ruvie disbanding
Ruvie updated their OHP with a formal notice about their decision to “put an end to activities” this summer at their oneman, “world end.” which takes place at Shibuya O-EAST.

For the sake of each of the member’s potential, feelings and goals to improve their individual skills, and as they also have individual goals to pursue in respect to their musical style, letting go of what they once created, and with the greedy attitude of trying to make a fresh start, each member in the end came to this heartbreaking conclusion.

We cherish the empathy or good feelings towards our works, messages, and lives, and to those of you who have been supporting us for such a long time, we cannot express here the profound degree of gratitude that we have, but somehow or other if with those eyes you can watch over us warmly until the very last moment, and can keep following us, we will be blessed.

We feel that with the time remaining, we will follow through until the end as Ruvie, at our own pace and with the attitude in which we have pursued our outlook on the world. As for this scene, we have of course thought about the terms and the significance of the name the five of us gave this one band.

And as for what lies ahead as far as Ruvie is concerned, this was the “answer” that was drawn and so that we establish ourselves individually, and because each of us have the intention of pursuing our own endeavors, please continue to support us.


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  1. RevengeBabyYeah

    it’s heartbreaking, I love this band so much. I hope we’ll hear from the members after they disband. At least we still have the new single to llok forward to.

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