From Shinsekai to Neo

From Shinsekai to Neo
The limited time project, 新世界 (Shinsekai), which we talked about back here, have announced that they have changed their name from 新世界 (Shinsekai) to Neo, and will be starting up activities as a new band under that name!

For those of you who didn’t catch them before, or forgot about them, the members are:
Vocals ケイト (Kate)
Guitar ゆき (Yuki) [ex-Freesia]
Guitar 氷龍~hiryu~ [ex-SCREW Roadie, ex-Freesia]
Bass 柳 (Yanagi) [ex-Mirror, ex-unfade]
Drums テケデ (Tekede) [ex-HATED, ex-Freesia]

No news about their upcoming schedule yet or any releases yet, but as it comes we’ll let you know!

Source: Official Mailmag

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2 Responses to From Shinsekai to Neo

  1. dodo

    that’s bad change! “neo” is so common word…….. but i’m waiting for new stuff!

  2. mitsu

    yeahh the name is not goood… what was wrong with “Shinsekai”? but good to hear they will start their activies now !

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