LIPHLICH’s second single

LIPHLICH's second single
LIPHLICH is releasing their second single on May 16th!

Ms.Luminous – 1,890 yen
1. ミズルミナス (Ms.Luminous)
2.  雨模様 (amamoyou)
3. My Name Was
ミズルミナス (Ms.Luminous) PV

It’s the first time we talk about LIPHLICH on, so a short introduction is in order!

The members are:
Vocal: 久我新悟 (Kuga Shingo)
Guitar: 菊池明人 (Kikuchi Akito)
Bass: 進藤渉 (Shindou Wataru)
Drums: 丸山英紀 (Maruyama Eiki)

The band was formed in 2010 and released one album independently.. Their first single, 6 Degrees of Separation, came out on February 1st of this year.

For those curious about their sound, they have three videos uploaded on YouTube, including a promotion clip for Ms.Luminous. Watch it and let us know what you think!

Next moth, they have their first one-man show! Titled 6 Degrees of Separation, it will take place on April 13th at SHIBUYA-REX. Tickets are 2,500 and already on sale.

The rest of their schedule is as follows:

March 27th @ Shin’yokohama SUNPHONIX HALL
SCAPEGOAT / LIPHLICH / Awake / Nega / Fi’Ance

March 30 @ Takadanobaba AREA
Moran / LIPHLICH / Lycaon / DISH / ヴィディオグラマァ (Video Glamour) / MUNIMUNI

April 25th @ EDGE Ikebukuro
LIPHLICH / NightingeiL / ヴィディオグラマァ (Video Glamour) / オトガデッド (Otogadead) / THE VELVET

May 4th @ Shinjuku FNV
LIPHLICH / トーマス (Thomas)

May 5th @ EDGE Ikebukuro
LIPHLICH / スカーレット (Scarlett) / ブラックピック (BLACK PIG) / コドモドラゴン (Codomo Dragon)

June 5th @ Osaka THE LIVE HOUSE soma
Sel’m / cocklobin / Cat fisT / LIPHLICH / EAT YOU ALIVE / Decay

June 6th @ Nagoya ell. FITS ALL
Sel’m / cocklobin / Cat fisT / LIPHLICH / EAT YOUT ALIVE /MoNoLith

Tickets to all these lives are 3,000 yen.

Source: Official blog, Twitter, YouTube, CDJapan

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4 Responses to LIPHLICH’s second single

  1. Kasumi

    I can’t wait for this one ^__^ They’re one of my new favorite bands :D I love their live shows.
    By the way, they already released an album in 2010 by themselves ;)

    • Cat

      Thanks for the info! They sound promising, I’m looking forward to their future releases :)

  2. Sonii

    One of my favorite bands since more than a year now as well ;)
    Just something short to add:
    They debuted in 2007 as band “gordie”, but changed their band name to “LIPHLICH” in 2008. Guitarist Akito joined the band in 2010, and I think Eiki hasn’t been a member since they started, too. Not sure with him though, thought I already read somewhere that they used to have a different drummer in the very beginning ~

  3. Priss

    Heyyy, I am LOVING how they sound! Please keep us updated on them! Ty~

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