Kra and SCREW on Ameba Studio

Kra and SCREW on Ameba Studio
Kra and SCREW fans, keep March 30th open!

On March 30th, both Kra and SCREW will be appearing on Ameba Studio in 『Kra×SCREWのやっぱり生が好き』 (Kra x SCREW no Yappari Sei ga Suki). It will be showing from 9:00pm – 10:00pm (JST).

You’ll be able to watch Keiyu and Yura from Kra, and Rui and Jin from SCREW. The theme for the show is graduation, spring break and cherry blossom viewing. They will be answering questions from fans, as well as playing a batsu game.

The only downside is that while it is being airred on Ameba Studio, only those who are premium members may access it. For more information, check out the Ameba Studio OHP.


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