Yesterday (March 24th) Kajiwara Naoki, also known as “Maria” or “Rainbow Hair Maria” was arrested in Tokyo at his part-time job in Shibuya. He has been accused of violating “Youth Protection Law” that protects Japanese youth (under eighteen years and unmarried) from potentially harmful activities.

16 According to the Urawa, Saitama Police they learned that  on June 7th of last year, Maria had a second year high school student over at his home, and the two were doing “questionable acts”. They met due to Maria’s band activities.

So, it doesn’t give any specifics to what happened, and when I first read this, I had no idea that such a law existed in Japan. After a bit of research, it definitely does and can include rules like not allowing minors to work in sex related jobs (like brothels),  prohibiting the buying of underwear worn by youths, and not allowing minors to be alone in public areas late at night.   The specifics can vary from region to region.

On boards like 2ch they’re saying “questionable acts = sex”, and while the age of consent in Japan is thirteen, there are “local ordinances that prohibit sexual activities with minors under eighteen” (from Wikipedia). Another poster commented that he was a rock vocalist, and isn’t it supposed to be, “sex, drugs and rock’n’roll?”, which gave me a bit of chuckle.

No news on what will happen to Maria from hereon in, but if we hear anything about it, we’ll update you.

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  1. hiko

    omg lmao

  2. Katie

    Somehow I’m not all that surprised… ^^;;;;

  3. pengin

    wow! O_o!! ..

    ..well, i have heard of these “youth laws”. I was in a class and did this whole japan discussion/project thingy about daily life etc.. and yeah, Japanese kids can’t work (in a job) for more than a couple hours a week, they can’t have sleepovers on school nights, and can’t go to karaoke bars alone etc.. just stuffs like that…

    .. definitely not guys and girls together doing such stuffss.. >_<;; so, knowing these type of laws in Japan, it’s pretty much not surprising.. but, yet, it’s soo weird when age of consent is 13, several several years younger than in the U.S., yet,, they have stricter rules about that stuffs,.. it’s kinda confusing.. :?

  4. NinkeKuN

    First gaypr0n, and now this! Hahahaha. And you got this from MSN news? XD In Japan then?

    • Adrienne

      Yeah, it was on MSN news, the Japanese version, haha. I saw it on Grassthread first though.

  5. Key

    uhm, didn’t Japan changed the law from 13 to 15 in 2005?

    I found out after I met a jp boy, I get to know with a friend, was just 15 when we met him and his bandmates wanted him to go with us drinking
    (I won’t say which band, cause they are more famous now)

    uhm, we didn’t went out with him, but his bandmate still own me one time drinking


    I saw Maria several times in Tokyo and he was ALWAYS surrounded by young girls…

    so somehow nothing unexpected

    but still, i hope he get out soon…I doubt he forced himself on the girl…

    • Adrienne

      They may have. Every site I came across when looking said that it’s 13, but can vary depending on the region. So, some places it may be 15, other places it’s 18, and so on and so forth. That’s the age of consent though (like for sex), not the drinking age. The drinking age is 20.

  6. Key

    I read it some years ago, but there they said, cause of the view of the world, they changed the law.
    cause 13 would be too pedophile in the world view.
    and since Japan is one of the most important industry nations, they had to change it.

    of cause, it can be that in some areas like in Saitama, the law is even 18 now…
    but as far as I know, 13 is now forbidden everywhere in Japan…
    (damn, I was in Yokohama, maybe there it was 18….good we didn’t made anything with the innocent boy)

  7. Hezzuh

    hahaha oh my god

    this seriously made my day.

  8. Shane

    This is so funny! But… what band is he in? I’ve never heard of Rainbow Hair Maria before….

  9. Drew


    Poor Maria ;____;

  10. Sephie

    Shane> He’s solo

  11. Stan (AKA Otaku-chan)

    No comment…

  12. Jrockdrama

    no maria-sama! Im so jealous of the boy or girl invited to his house :(

  13. Shane

    Sephie: Do you know where I can get some of his music? This man really intrigues me.

  14. Shinta

    Remember everybody

    “It’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove”

    maybe they were just playing the Nintendo Wii together!!!

  15. xel

    LOL I was totally not expecting that.
    But considering that he did gay porn and always gets shut down by the police, I would say that it’s pretty typical of him. haha

    Shane: Don’t bother with his music.
    Youtube “Maria Cross” and you’ll know why.

  16. Jenn

    I’m not surprised by this bit of news, but the two could been doing anything like what Shina said.

    As for Japan’s youth laws…I’m not too much of a fan on all those restrictions though they might have a part in Japan’s low criminal rate. This is a rather interesting topic as it can go both ways…XD

  17. Samm.

    Pffftt. Omg…
    I’m not really surprised either though.
    I do feel kinda bad for the dude anyways.

  18. H

    It somehow doesn’t surprise me either, but it does suck. I wonder if he’ll serve jail time and how much that sort of thing carries.

    xel > He did gay porn? Are you serious?

  19. lady revania

    Oh noes, they will rape him in the prison D:

  20. Dongo

    I laughed when I saw this…<.<; I just find it funny and I’m not quite sure why…xD

    • Adrienne

      I had the exact same reaction, haha.

  21. connie

    Me too xD
    Well, lets just see what happens *__*

  22. enoby

    This makes me wish Kisaki was still in jail too so they can chill together.

  23. gaxnela

    I just saw this now.


  24. Sairi

    Yesterday I was having a crap day. But this made me laugh so hard XDDD
    In fact. I’m still laughing XDDDDD

  25. Kizu

    Kisaki was never in jail

  26. Shane

    Oh. Dear. God.

    I just youtubed Maria Cross.

    I think I have to commit suicide now.

    It was that bad.

  27. Ladidah

    I’m so glad I youtubed Maria Cross. I haven’t laughed this much in a while.

  28. Key

    I have his single…

    there he sound better than live…

  29. Sam

    This seriously made my day.
    I would laugh even harder if the minor was male.
    A bit terrible to wish, but pretty damn funny.

  30. Ku

    Ohgod, this made me laugh so hard.

    I accidentally saw a live of his in Japan and I had to go to the bathroom with the girls I was with to escape it.

    This is just. Funny.

  31. Suteishi

    this made me laugh so hard, this is just so funny cuz he’s doing the “Michael Jackson sleepover” thing

    • AngelKiss

      SUTEISHI> No, actually it was nothing like the “Michael Jackson sleepover” thing. Those boys were in elementary school and below, this kid was like a sophomore in highschool. I think he knew what he was getting himself into; he wanted some rainbow penis. <3

  32. damii

    hola me llamo camila y yo estoy queriendo saber si maria cross musico/cantante y artista callejero esta en libertad y si no se ha suicidado?

    • Ku

      I’m afraid I can’t reply to you in Spanish, so I hope this works! Maria is currently sponsoring lives and still playing solo, so he’s around and apparently doing fine.

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