Moi dix Mois to play at Versailles’ anniversary live

Moi dix Mois to play at Versailles' anniversary live
Last month we posted about Versailles’ two day event to celebrate their 5th anniversary. KAMIJO  tweeted today that there is an update to the already impressive line-up: Moi dix Mois (who celebrate their 10th anniversary this year) will join D as their special guest on the second day!

June 23rd
Versailles / 摩天楼オペラ (Matenrou Opera) / Kaya / 凜 (LIN) / DaizyStripper

June 24th
Versailles / D / Moi dix Mois (special guest)

The event, titled Versailles Presents Tokyo Metropolis, will take place at Ebisu Liquid Room. Tickets for each day are 5,250 yen and go on general sale on April 7th.

Source: OHP, KAMIJO’s twitter

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4 Responses to Moi dix Mois to play at Versailles’ anniversary live

  1. hikaru

    DaizyStripper really sticks out there don’t they XD Guessing they’re included because Kazami used to be a roadie for Lareine?

    • Cat

      That, and because he played piano for a few of their tracks. I’m not sure if the other members have any connection to Versailles.

      • hikaru

        Oh yeah I remember a friend telling me that.

        • Cat

          You’re right, though, they do stand out a lot amidst the rest of the line-up!

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