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VelBet member comments
Wednesday, March 21, 2012 at 5:26pm in Departures

VelBet member comments

A few days ago we reported the sad news that  ベルベット (VelBet) guitarists 葉霧-礼- (Hagiri) and ひゅうが (Hyuuga) will leave the band after their March 24th live.

Thanks to’s vii-vii, the members’ comments have been translated.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported VelBet in the past very much.
This is an important announcement from everyone in the band.

After their live on the 24th of March 2012, Hagiri and Hyuuga will be retiring from VelBet.
It’s an unfortunate announcement and we are sorry from the bottom of our hearts to have to tell all our fans who have supported us.

However, due to frequent differences between the members musically, they have decided together to go their separate ways.

From April onwards  VelBet will continue activities with support members.
Please continue to support us in the little remaining time we all have together. Thank you all so much.

VelBet members and staff

The following are comments from each member:

After our like in Takadanobaba AREA on the 24th of March I will be retiring from VelBet. After a lot of talking together about our band and ourselves, I wanted to maintain motivation and awareness, but I found that my feelings were incomplete, which posed as troubling to everyone. So Hagiri and I have decided to leave.

A year is a very short time, but I would like to thank all our fans, staff and officials who supported us. Thank you so much.

I will give VelBet my all in the little time I have left.

Thank you so much.



This announcement isn’t just my retirement from Velbet but also my retirement from the music industry .
Playing in a band like VelBet has been a growth process, but I have found my role as guitarist has become restricting, and I’ve taken it as a sign to change direction in life.

These feeling only became stronger with every day I continued to play lives, and continued as Hagiri in VelBet. I can’t stand onstage in front of everyone who supports us with such strong feelings, and that is the main reason why I have decided to retire.

These are my own real feelings, and to continue activities playing music as Hagiri would be a lie. I don’t feel as passionately as I should about each of the members or the people who have given us all of their support anymore, so I have chosen to leave.

I have always been someone who treasure people over gain and even now there are countless numbers of people who lend their support to VelBet.
For three years VelBet members, staff who have supported us from backstage, officials and all our fans who have supported us have been through our hardships with us. “Thank you” are just two words that don’t express just how grateful I really am.
I am connected to VelBet’s music and I don’t regret any of our live events.

Thank you so much for everything up until the end.



Firstly,  to everyone who supports us,
I am sorry for breaking our promise. It must be a shock to all our fans. I really am sorry.
We’ve talked over it countless times and given it just as much thought about what it will mean to lose both members, but we finally came to this conclusion.

But we respect each other’s feelings and came up with an answer for the future. Maybe it’s arrogance, I don’t know, but I don’t want to quit.
We have all faced the same hardships over the past three years and experienced them together as members of VelBet. I don’t know if I can put into words my feelings on this into just one blog entry. But we have all decided together, and we don’t look on this negatively but we see this as a positive decision.

We’re going our separate ways but from now on we will face forward and run to the future together with the time we have left. Up until the end we’ll strive on to keep going together with all our strength.



Sorry for the unfortunate announcement.
After our live on the 24th, Hagiri and Hyuuga will be retiring.
I’m so sorry to have to tell this to everyone who enjoys our music.
Hagiri and Hyuuga have both been a huge source of strength to us every day for the past three and a half years. I don’t want to imagine what it will be like the day they both leave.

But of course, I love VelBet.
I don’t want to let go. I want us to all look to the future together.
But they have made their decision.

We have only a short amount of time left together. Let’s not spend our remaining time together depressed but let’s continue on with all our strength.

Let’s face forward and keep going with faith.



This is an unfortunate announcement, we really are sorry. After our live on the 24th of March, Hagiri and Hyuuga will retire from VelBet.
We just barely came to this decision after a lot of discussion. I have total respect for Hagiri and Hyuuga in their choice to go their separate ways.
We will continue on as a five man band for as long as we can. We will keep on going. We’ll continue not just for ourselves, the other members and or staff who support us from backstage, but for our fans who believe in us.

We made a promise not to part ways completely.


Source: OHP


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