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Jin-Machine down a member and support
Sunday, March 21, 2010 at 6:23am in Departures

Jin-Machine down a member and support

Jin-Machine have updated their OHP with the announcement that on April 3rd, their drummer Murata “Punch” Tagosaku will be leaving the band. Furthermore, support member Sei・Excaliber・Ken will also finish up his activities with the band.

The message placed on the OHP is as follows:

An Important Announcement

On April 3rd
Murata “Punch” Tagosaku
Is leaving the band.

Because of IST.

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting us.


Furthermore, Sei・Excaliber・Ken’s support activities have come to a close.

The reason,
Is because of IST.

Thank you for all your support.

We only have a few masses left [together],
But please continue to support us.

Murata “Punch” Tagosaku wrote quite the entry on his blog about leaving the band. I honestly have to say it’s one of the most bizarre comments I’ve seen yet. His entry (may) clear up the confusion behind what ‘IST’ means.

Below is the entry that he posted on March 15th. Please do not post this elsewhere without express permission (it was one… interesting piece to translate, haha).

Don’t say that I’m leaving…

Hey, it’s Omurataponchi!!

It’s already been posted on our homepage, but once again, I, Murata “Punch” Tagosaku will be leaving jin-machine!

It’s been a long time, eh… about five years. Five years.

…. and I had written lots of stuff about it, but by accident I pressed the Esc button and deleted about 2000 characters worth of writing, so now I guess I’ll look to the past and rewrite it. Haha.

Bah, it’s horrible!

But, when I was asked about leaving the band… it’s kind of like dropping out of school… it has this nuance to it like you’ve done something bad, but I’m grateful that I can graduate after being there for five years (laughs).

As for the reason to why I’m graduating….

I’ve only told this to Ichiro… but the truth is…

I’m getting married in June.

To tell you the truth, I’m a little nervous to say this, but I’ve gotta do it…

Now, it’s the third month… and it’s around now that it’s becomming a really busy time, so it seems like I can’t continue on being in a band… I’m sorry about my personal affairs…

…. although

You know, that fishing, was honestly just a hook I used [to get you to pay attention], hahahahahahahahaha.

Before I get married… I’m unemployed and a virgin, hahahahaha.

If I can, because I want to be realistic, I’ll need a job, and if I can I’d like to socialize with some girls… hahahahaha.

So if possible, I think a cute girl with a nice personality, who has a G-cup, money and is around the age of 22 would be awesome.

Someone please introduce me to a girl like that!

Oh and by the way, I, Murata Punch, am 21 years old, I don’t currently have a job and being unemployed, my writing is colourless, so in the future I’m planning on taking up a job where I can dye [my writing] with colours.

My hobbies are snowboarding, cycling, reading, Drum Mania and Bio Hazard

I wonder if I’ll find someone…

Basically, I have a lot of varied interests, so I’m ready.

My special skills are Karate – level 2, Kendo – level 2, Judo – level 2, Calligraphy – level 2, Eiken (English Exam) – level 2, driving for a long time and sleeping for a long time.
I have a nice face, and I’m told that my upper half looks like Matsuda Ryuuhei and my lower half looks like Antonio Inoki.

Although it’s been rude [of me to ask], please help me out.


(Sorry for being so awkward, haha)

… since it’s hard to write about my real resons for leaving the band, I decided to make a joke… and as for the real reason why I’m quitting, how should I say this… I don’t know the reason behind why I’ve been playing and living for these past five years, but I think I’ve been hit with a curse.

I’m unluckyyy

But I guess it’s because I’m careless.

Or as the saying goes, if the wind blows the you profit with copper.
(The meaning behind this, is that when the wind is blowing, the sand dances and it gets in your eyes, so the number of people who can’t see increases. Therefore, the number of people who can’t see but are playing the shamisen also rises.Because of that, they have to make more shamisen, and since the body part is made from the hide of a cat, they have to kill a lot of cats. Because they’ve killed all these cats, the numbers of the cat’s natural enemy, the mouse, goes up. The mice chew through the buckets at the bath houses, and due to that the guy who sells the buckets makes a huge profit… so it’s like, because this happened, that happens! Ahh, I guess these kinds of proverbs are difficult, aren’t they? They are. Someone investigate, haha).

Back to the story,
I think that here I am, going around and around, living and playing… but I’ve befallen misfortune. Or the gods, or Buddha, or some sort of old guy has given me these trials [to complete]! I’m all sulky on the outside and angry on the inside!

I’m becomming the type of guy who looks like he’s sulking, but is actually furious.

So as it is, it seems like I’ve fallen into a trap where I can’t continue on being in a band.

Ah, but I think this is something that can be resolved within a year or so… maybe.

Therefore, because I don’t want to cause any problems, I decided to leave the band.

I’m really truly sorry for the announcement happening only seven days before my last live in Kanto.

Although, maybe no one even cares…. haha

At that time [the live], I’d already decided, and then… then when we were heading home in the car, and when I was eating the candy that was dropped in the letter box, it got really really salty. I wondered if I should throw the garbage in the garbage… and cried.

With that kind of feeling behind it… some how or another please excuse the unexpected announcement.

I’ve never been able to think that I could make out with one of the band girls… nah, that’s kind of wrong, I wanted to once, hahahaha.

Summing up all that’s been said, I’m thinking that I’d like to be in a band again, haha.
But of course next time, it’ll be a pop band.

But the way,

I guess we can abbreviate this to IST, can’t we? Haha.

Now, [I have lives left on the] 27th, April 2nd and 3rd, so please support me-nyan! ← I might even bare the lower half of my body! Haha

With that kind of feigned innocence, both myself and Excaliber Ken are leaving together.
The reason for that…

I laugh if I say it like, the principles behind it make it seem like we have the type of relationship that girls do, but…

Yeah it’s not like that, it’s… it’s that…

If I’m to give you an example,

It’s like we’re bathroom buddies, hahahaha [Note: As in, how girls always go to the washroom together]

That’s just like him, Ken-sempai hahahahahahahahahaha

Ken, in January you said…..

If Murata quits, I’m quitting too!

I guess that’s what’s happening, huh? Haha.

With all the stupidity, the jokes and the weirdness, I’m saying goodbye here.

              Murata Kitty Tagosaku

Source: OHP, Murata “Punch” Tagosaku’s Blog


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