As you know here at we’re always on the lookout for new bands!
Today we stumbled across Rebellion, who just started their activities on February 23rd at Meguro Rokumeikan.


The members are:
Vocals - 昴 – subaru -
Guitar - 翔也 (Shouya)
Guitar & Violin - Shin
Bass - ENYA

They describe themselves as a hard rock / heavy metal band whose focus is on symphonic metal and melodic death metal. They also mention on their OHP that the they formed Rebellion with the ex-JackKpoT members plus a ‘new’ vocalist, Subaru.

No sound samples or anything on their OHP quite yet, but there are photos of each of the members, profiles and links to their blogs. I also think it’s cool for a band to have a violinist and while I understand that this is becoming more and more popular, it’s always cool to see.

Source: OHP


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4 Responses to Rebellion

  1. arashikeiko

    violin = automatic + points from me XD

  2. Kay

    Cool, a violinist! Very Luna Sea-ish, IMO, and very cool! I hope we can hear some music from them soon.


  3. janys

    ENYA is the bassist ^^; And he’s actually roadie of Versailles’s Jasmine You.

  4. Adrienne

    I even read that on the site because I thought, that’s weird, there’s no drummer. orz I’m so used to typing it last, haha. We appreciate the help, but from now on if you have a correction or addition could you please contact us using the contact form? That’d be great. ^^ Thanks!

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