Royz releases their 1st live DVD

Royz releases their 1st live DVD
On December 12th, Royz had their nine city oneman tour final at Shibuya O-WEST.

On May 2nd, the band will be releasing a DVD with footage from that final live, called “Revolution to New AGE 〜2011.12.22 Shibuya O-WEST〜”. This will Royz’s first live DVD release, and it will cost 4,980 yen for 21 tracks.

DVD Tracklist
01. New Age
03. プロミネンス (Prominence)
04. Autocracy〜ワルツとナイフ〜
05. SIGN
06. α
07. クロアゲハ (Kuroageha)
08. No Fate
09. eve:r
10. 星に願いを (Hoshi ni Negai wo)
11. トウメイナユキ (Toumei na Yuki)
12. 春の夜の夢 (Haru no Yo no Yume)
14. TRUE
15. マーブルパレット (Marble Palette)
16. MASK
17. still
18. 蒼蓮花 (Ao Renge)
19. Reve story
20. 恋花火 (Koihanabi)
21. 「AREA」

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