News from Chemical Pictures

News from Chemical Pictures
ケミカルピクチャーズ (Chemical Pictures) has recently come back on stage after quite a long activity pause that followed Schwarz’s departure.

Today, they’ve updated their OHP with a complete renewal, and it also appears that they’ve finally found two new members! One of them have been part of the band for a few weeks already as he was on the latest pictures available on the site, his name is 子雲 (Shiun) [ex-SCISSOR, MiU] and he’s apparently their official drummer from now on!

We don’t really know anything about the second member that just joined the band, but his name is ルドルフ (Rudolf) and he’ll probably be taking the 2nd guitar!

There’s no picture of the band with their new members so far, but the new version of the site looks pretty cool, and if you take a look at the profile section, here’s what you’ll see ! What do you think?

Source: OHP

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17 Responses to News from Chemical Pictures

  1. ame

    Shiun is also known as the drummer for SCISSOR.

  2. nobitakinema

    drummer for SCISSOR , i like him, no.1 drummer in my heart !!!

  3. hiro

    Ummmmmmmmmmmm. I just have no words for how.. wrong I think that profile section is. Seriously? I mean.. Seriously?!

    • hiro


      • mina

        is tenten going to learn the moon walk?

  4. mina


    • turarachuu

      omg seriously?? what is our boy coming to?

  5. 4skin,

    LOLLLLLL [2]

  6. Jono

    OMG :D now they went Kote Kote on us (:

  7. Emily

    WOW those guys look a lot like The Jackson Five!!!! The resemblance is uncanny!!!

  8. TheKairou

    I guess I dont understand wat happening. Why the hell r the Jackson 5 even on this site lmao

  9. jaded

    it’s too soon man too soon xD but damn it is cute and kote kote? wtft?

  10. cryptomayhem

    Also, Rudolf is just a doll with a globe for a head. Might be difficult for him to play guitar. Also, they’re doing a 5 months consecutive release, starting in May, followed by a oneman in September.

  11. Bunny

    I’m guessing even the Jackson 5 got into the Visual Kei craze huh?

  12. Aya


  13. pou

    yey~! XDDD

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