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08012209XX6 go back to 0
Wednesday, March 11, 2015 at 7:32am in Breaking News, Disbandments, News

08012209XX6 go back to 0

08 last

Fans of 0801弐209XX6 may already be aware, but the band announced their disbandment last month. Due to turmoil surrounding drummer Yue, he has officially decided to leave the band. The remaining four members will continue to play until their June 1st one-man, at which point they’ll disband. The current four-member lineup have left the following messages for their loyal listeners, translated by S-T’s Shannon.

Announcement of 08012209XX6’s Disbandment
To all of our fans and staff,
Thank you for your continuous support for 08012209XX6.
Just as we announced at our event performance on 2/15,
08012209XX6 will break up after our 2015.06.01 one-man show.
Our drummer Yue left the band as of 2015.02.15.
We hope that you’ll be able to continue to watch over us warmly as we head towards our disbandment as 4 members and a support drummer.
Below are comments from each member.

As for Yue, we conveyed to his parents that we at least wanted him to leave us a word or two, but we haven’t received word yet.
I’m sorry for making this kind of announcement.
Like I said during our live MC, we’ve decided to gather up the courage to become 0.
The number one announcement you don’t want to make as a band is disbandment. I didn’t want to say it. I didn’t want to do it.
Of course there were other options. We could keep going on as 4 members. We could add a new drummer and start 08 anew.
But we want to preserve these past 5 years as precious.
During those 5 years, there were fun times and hard times.
I believe those are what built the 08 we have now.
So, as I wrote in an earlier blog, it’s not 08 without the 5 of us.
There are a lot of things I can’t express.
There are people supporting us and our music.
So, I want to tell you this,
And decided to build up the courage to become 0.
Maybe it’s just our selfish excuse.
I’m really sorry to everyone who has supported us.
There are only 3 and a half months left.
There must be a lot of people who are still involved with us—
those who were with us from the beginning, and those who only recently starting liking us;
those who live so far away that they can’t go to lives, but still listen to our CDs.
I’m sure there are also those who liked us a while ago, but lost interest.
It doesn’t matter who you are. I don’t want anyone who has ever been involved with 08 to regret anything.
That’s why, for the little time we have left,
I’m going to sing with all of my might so that I won’t leave behind any regrets,
Even if it means my vocal chords will become 0. That’s how I’m looking at the time we have left.
So, I want everyone to come rock out with us without thinking twice.
08012209xx6 will disband after our one-man on 6/1.
We’ve continued on with 08 for many years. The decision to disband was made after considering both our past and future [as 08] among the members.
We aren’t disbanding because we aren’t getting along, so please don’t misunderstand, haha.
I’m sure this news comes as a shock to everyone who has supported us. We plan on enjoying 08 to the fullest in our own style, so please continue to support us until the end.
Just like the announcement says, 08 is disbanding in June.
I thought that was a word we were a long way off from knowing.
I guess there aren’t many bands that think, “We’ll never break up,”
but I thought 08 was different.
I thought that since the moment I joined…
We really get along well.
That’s what we’ve been told all along.
That hasn’t changed.
It won’t ever change.
I love 08. I love 08. I love Yukari’s voice and all of the songs we’ve made.
But I realized that alone isn’t enough to keep a band going.
We were really busy last year. There was a lot going on inside of me. Then there was Yue…
I think we developed a lot as 5 members.
In doing so, I think the feeling that we’d never change no matter what changed.
I’m so incredibly sorry to everyone that has supported us.
I’m so grateful to those who came to see us from all different regions and supported us.
The reason I’ve been able to continue on in this band as “Satsuki” is thanks to you all.
I’m really glad I was able to be 08’s Satsuki.
After my other band broke up, I got an invitation from Yazuki and was able to play in a band with some of my favorite senpai…
I learned a lot from 08.
I’ve also gained a lot more friends.
Out of all the bands I’ve been in, I’ve been in 08 the longest. So, it’s been the richest time.
Even the times everyone called me an idiot and messed around with me…I liked those times, too.
I’m proud to have been in this band.
There are only a few months left until our disbandment.
I’ll work harder than ever.
I’ll put my all…no, we’ll all put our all into our shows so that we won’t leave behind any regrets.
Until the end of 08…and from now on, what I want to tell you all is to smile with all your might.
That feeling won’t change.
I don’t really understand how, but smiles have the power to make people feel better.
There have been many times when I’ve been helped by your smiles.
There have even been moment when seeing your smiles was enough to make me want to try.
My smile isn’t something I need to force.
But, rather than being calmed by it, I want you to smile and enjoy each and every moment.
It’s not really my place to say this, but that’s my request.
Let’s have all the fun we can, leaving no regrets behind.
We’ve been able to play a lot of shows thanks to a lot of people supporting us. We also played at a lot of events.
The courage, resolve, and setbacks from taking what’s piled up and making it into 0 – we’ve entrusted all of that that to the future.
Maybe we sucked at performing. Maybe we didn’t grow enough. Even so, the music we’ve made as 08 exists, and the fact of the matter is that there are people who have listened to us. So, we want to play those songs for you until the end.
I won’t say that we’ve accomplished great feats, and we haven’t played at any huge venues. We won’t leave behind any actual results. If we haven’t left a mark on this scene at all, then we’ll play each and every live until the end so that you can carve this into your memories—
that the 6 of us, our fans, and 08012209XX6 existed.
I can’t express myself through my voice, but with music, I won’t give up on trying to send you the message that I want to send on stage.
If even that can brighten someone’s day or cheer them up, then I’ll push myself to try and push you.
Can 08 not do that anymore? 08 wasn’t made by just one person.
I can’t say that 08 is a band that changes peoples’ lives.
I don’t think I can make you understand. Why? Because even I didn’t understand until the very last moment. But, if you’re only looking down, then you can only move forward from 0. Even though it’s a betrayal to you all.
In June is our parting from both those who loved 08 and those who loved 08’s Sakiya.
I want to start walking again from 0.
Let’s enjoy 08 as much as we can until the end.
Thank you to everyone I’ve met, to everyone who has supported us, and to everyone who listened to our CDs for these past 5 years.

The band still have plenty of performances yet to come, click here to purchase tickets!

Source: vkdb, OHP


08012209XX6 go back to 0 Reviewed by on . Fans of 0801弐209XX6 may already be aware, but the band announced their disbandment last month. Due to turmoil surrounding drummer Yue, he has officially decided Fans of 0801弐209XX6 may already be aware, but the band announced their disbandment last month. Due to turmoil surrounding drummer Yue, he has officially decided Rating: 0

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