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RevleZ Saying Good-Bye
Monday, March 9, 2015 at 6:00pm in Breaking News, Disbandments, News

RevleZ Saying Good-Bye

revlez 2015Unfortunate circumstances followed RevleZ last year, especially with Ren’s accident, and things have finally drawn to a close for them. The band announced they would be ending activities, and fans will be sad to see them go. The band member’s comments below were translated by Shattered-Tranquility’s Ku.

RevleZ, which has been active since 2012, will cease activities after the OSAKA MUSE performance on May 28, 2015 (Thu).

We would like to deeply apologize for causing concern and inconvenience to all of our fans who have supported us so far, and to all related parties.

We are full of appreciation for all of the fans who have supported us, and for those related to us. Thank you so much.

The remaining time is short, but
We would appreciate it if you would support RevleZ until the end.

The following are messages from the members.

Vo. Kyoma
First, I’m really sorry for this kind of sudden announcement.
For the first time, the reality that we couldn’t go on if we wanted to has struck me.

It absolutely is not something like we don’t get along with each other.
If I had to say one way or the other, we get along.

We talked numerous times and the answer was to break up.
Our lives are super positive, and we have the best members: me, Ren, Yuuki, and Ryo.
During these times we’ve pushed on with all our might.
We laughed a lot; we cried a lot.

Since the members of this band have had hard times, and good times, and times when our feelings clashed.
It’s heartbreaking to think about how everyone supporting us must feel, and I thought I’d like to put even more into RevleZ up until the day before the announcement.
I don’t think you’ll accept this answer right away.
But, all I could do was accept the reality that we can’t go on even though I want to.

We have the best band members, and we’re supported by all of you cheering us on, and now there may be nothing but bitter feelings, but
I want to finish smiling because it’s good that we’ve met all of you.

But, it’s not the end yet.
Just three months remain.

“I’m glad I liked RevleZ”
“RevleZ was the best band”

I’ll do my best so you can absolutely feel that way.
We’ll live on forever in your hearts.

So we won’t disappear until we die in your hearts.

In the end it might be selfish, but please give us your unwavering support for the remaining three months, until the end.

Please watch us well.


Gt. Ren
First, I want to convey all my feelings of gratitude to the people who have supported us so far.
Thank you so much for your warm support so far.

If I think about all the fans, this announcement is terribly painful, but

As RevleZ
“They were really cool.”
“They were a really good band.”

so that these thoughts
stick in your hearts forever and ever,
I’ll blaze on until the end of the end.

The remaining time isn’t so long but
Staking all we’ve had so far
I’ll tackle each live one by one, so

Somehow or another the four of us will perform
During this limited time
I’d be glad if you’d come out [to see us].


Gt. Yuuki
5/28 is the day of RevleZ’s third year
And we’ve decided to disband.
At our first anniversary I said we’ll always keep bringin’ it, but
It looks like I wasn’t able to keep my promise.
I’m sorry,
Personally, this hasn’t sunken in at all and I can’t collect my words,
And even now I can’t believe it.
For now, feeling the lives ahead of me one by one
With the sense that there is only the present
I’ll live on.
Since it’s not the end yet
I promise the best lives until 5/28.
Please support us.


Ba. Ryo
I am terribly sorry for this sudden announcement at this time.
I am nothing but sorry to everyone who has been supporting us.
Writing these things now, it doesn’t feel real, but when you’re all able to read these lines,
I’m sure reality will strike and it’ll be really frightening.

5/28 last year and the year before that, we made into days, with all of you, that we can never forget.
In the “end” let’s strive to carve out the “happiest” day.
Because I’ll tear through each day running with all my strength,
Please find it in you to be with us until “that day” comes.


Be sure to catch them at their final live and send them off with positive support! It’s not been easy on them, so make sure you let them know you understand and you’ve got their back. Check out the live information below, and make it a point to be there. Wishing them the best.

 2012-2015 THE LAST GIG One-Man
Where: Osaka MUSE
When: May 28th
Time: 17:30 (Open) / 18:00 (Start)
Tickets: ¥3000 (In advance) / ¥3500 (Day of)

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RevleZ Saying Good-Bye Reviewed by on . Unfortunate circumstances followed RevleZ last year, especially with Ren's accident, and things have finally drawn to a close for them. The band announced they Unfortunate circumstances followed RevleZ last year, especially with Ren's accident, and things have finally drawn to a close for them. The band announced they Rating: 0

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