Saintia’s new member and site renewal

Saintia's new member and site renewal
セインティア (Saintia) will add a new guitarist to their ranks! His name is リュカ (Ryuka) and he used to be known as ハル (Haru) when he was in Zipcy. He will join the band officially on the 7th of April at their sponsored event. His blog is located here.

The band’s OHP was renewed as well, so here is the fresh band pic with Ryuka:

The sponsored event I’ve mentioned will be held at Takadanobaba AREA under the name of 「THE BRILLIANT RING〜聖夜の約束〜」 (THE BRILLIANT RING〜Seiya no Yakusoku〜). Other bands participating are: NEOPHILIA, SIN, diva, LIV’ERT, アケノカラス (Ake no Karasu).

Those who attend will get a special Saintia bonus. What is more, there will be a serious announcement made during the live. Let’s hope it’s something positive!

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