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Lycaon to Disband in November
Saturday, March 7, 2015 at 7:24pm in Breaking News, Disbandments, Lives, New Releases, One-mans, Tours, Translations

Lycaon to Disband in November


Lycaon fans will be waking up to some disappointing news.

Lycaon, who has been active in the visual kei scene for over 7 years now, announced that all of that will be coming to an end this November. The news has already come as a shock to many fans. After all, they just released a new album, announced the release of a new single 「ジプシー」 (Gypsy) in May, and will be embarking on their (last) one-man tour in May. Below, we’ve translated comments from each member left on Lycaon’s OHP (translated by yours truly):

Messages from the Members of Lycaon

Vo. Yuuki

I’ve been both an artist and a member of this band called “Lycaon” for almost 7 years,
but at our one-man tour final at Akasaka BLITZ on November 6, Lycaon will disband.
We discussed it and considered our futures over and over, but this was the decision we arrived at.

I’m so grateful to everyone that has come to love us. The beauty, miracles, and memories that you’ve given me are in me and you.
I’m sure that this announcement will cause a lot of anger, sadness, and other emotions to happen in front of my eyes.
I feel the same way.

But, now it feels like my heart is cleansed in a way.
This will be our last tour, but I want to play it brilliantly.
I’d like to meet the end spectacularly for the sake of the memories and encounters I’ve made through Lycaon.
I want to let it die among countless voices.
I want you to let it die.
I want to crash and be killed.
I want you crash into you and kill you.
I want to become one.
I’m full of these kinds of thoughts.
I never thought this day would come.

It was fun. It was happiness.
Thank you.

Gu. Zero

what a lonely
word, right?

it seems like
all of the


we’ve made
will be erased

have I become

a piece
in all of your

~the reason for disbandment~

in plain terms,

“this and that”

I wish I could
say it was only that,

if I start to say that
it will surely end up
like what happens a lot

“musical differences”

but it’s not like
that at

“was it sudden or bound to happen?”

~I wonder if we’ll break up~

we thought…

even though
it feels like
the same old
day in and day out
just like always…

I’m sorry for
shocking you


I’ve never loved
a band as much
as the one
I’m in now

that hasn’t
at all

this isn’t
where I say

right here,
right now,
to write all of my thoughts…

it’s something I can’t
do right now


with the time
I have left
to share with you
all of my thoughts

“I want to share them”

“Laugh a lot”
“Cry a lot”

until the end


please give us

“Cry like you’ve never cried in your life with us until the end.”

Gu. Satoshi

There’s no way I can write about all of my thoughts here.
I am
A guitarist who loves Lycaon.
Let me share my feelings though music.

I’m Japanese Rock’n’Roller!!


Ba. Hiyuu

Lycaon will put an end to all band activities and disband at our tour final at Akasaka BLITZ on November 6, 2015.
It has been 5 years since I joined Lycaon in the middle of their activities. I’m thankful to the many staff, fans, and people who have cooperated with us and walked along with us from the bottom of my heart

I really mean it when I say I’m thankful for the members I’ve met, the experiences I’ve had because of them, the people I’ve met, and everything that happened in between.
I hope that maybe one day, you’ll look back on this disbandment as a positive thing… We’ll walk along our own baths now.
I’m really sorry we had to make an announcement like this.

But, you know, this decision was made unanimously while taking a lot of things into consideration.
In the end, we made the decision together. I hope you can accept it.
I don’t think you’ll be able to accept it right away, though…
We’ll work as hard as we can to play each and every live until he end – the lives where only we can create a world dyed by MASOCHIST red together, a world like no other.

Let’s see things we’ve never seen before.

Thank you for all of the happiness you’ve given me.


Dr. Ichirou

I’m really sorry for the sudden news.
I probably should have written this in a more formal way, but I don’t think I can properly express my feelings that way.
I don’t know where to start.

When I joined Lycaon in the middle of activities, I’d never even toured before.
But I started as Lycaon’s support drummer and experienced a lot of different things and places. It was fun.
I wanted to go on and make Lycaon shine more and more brilliantly.
That was my dream.

We talked about this over and over among the 5 of us.
How can we make our lives cooler?
How can we make our pictures cooler?
How can we make it more fun for the fans?

I’ve been here 4 years, if you start counting from when I joined as support. I think that by spending nearly every day of that with the other members, we were able to walk along in the same direction.
The decision we’ve come to now is disbandment.
We stressed over it until the very end.
I’m sure there are people who won’t believe it wasn’t a decision just made to end things.

“I won’t be able to meet you anymore.”

I don’t think it’s like that.

I’m glad I was able to meet so many people who have helped us and supported us for these past 4 years.
Thank you so much.

These are my true feelings.
I’ll give it my all until the end.
You’d all better do the same.

Thank you.

Lycaon’s last show will take place on November 6, 2015 at Akasaka BLITZ. It is also the final stop on their upcoming tour celebrating the release of their latest album. Here are the dates and places:

Lycaon “Camera Obscure” One-man Tour

May 15 (Fri) @ Utsunomiya HEAVEN’S ROCK VJ-2
May 17 (Sun) @ Saitama Shintoshin HEAVEN’S ROCK
May 30 (Sat) @ Nagoya ELL
June 8 (Mon) @ Okinawa Output
June 12 (Fri) @ Osaka AKASO
June 15 (Mon) @ Kyoto MUSE
June 19 (Fri) @ Kagoshima SR HALL
June 20 (Sat) @ Kumamoto Be-9V2
June 23 (Tue) @ Kokura WOW
June 25 (Thu) @ Kochi CARAVAN SARY
June 26 (Fri) @ Hiroshima Namiki Junction
June 28 (Sun) @ Okayama IMAGE
July 3 (Fri) @ Hokkaido CrazyMonkey
July 4 (Sat) @ Hokkaido CrazyMonkey
July 5 (Sun) @ Hokkaido CrazyMonkey
July 10 (Fri) @ Sendai MACANA
July 12 (Sun) @ Morioka Change WAVE
July 14 (Tue) @ Akita Swindle
July 15 (Wed) @ Aomori Quarter
July 24 (Fri) @ Nagano JUNK BOX
July 27 (Mon) @ Niigata BlackStage
September 5 (Sat) @ Takadanobaba AREA

-Lycaon LAST LIVE-
November 6 (Fri) @ Akasaka BLITZ

While details for the final show are still in the making, tickets for all other shows are 3500yen advance, 4500yen same day. For details on when you can start ordering tickets, consult their OHP.

Source: OHP, vkdb


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    Ichirou started as support drummer, not bassist…

  • DKjapanesefreak

    This is something that should have happened many years ago, right after EROS was released, they should have pulled the plug.

    Oh well, finally this is over.

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