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Interview: METEOROID
Thursday, March 6, 2014 at 1:34am in Featured, Interviews

Interview: METEOROID


METEOROID crashed onto the scene with a bang in late 2012, but began their true trek as a band with their first one-man and release of their first single, “DIVER,” back on February 11th of last year. Since that day, this five-man monster of a band has released three more singles and put on dozens of performances, including two sold-out one-man events.

However, that’s not all that’s in METEOROID’s future: has been given the chance to speak with METEOROID only days after their first anniversary one-man live, “GEMINI PROGRAM -2nd Program-” where we got to talk about the exciting announcements of their upcoming album, two coming one-mans, and what’s in store for METEOROID in their second year in space.

METEOROID Interview – 2014 – 1st Anniversary
Interview by: Sai
Translated by: Alicia

Since this is the first time we’ve interviewed METEOROID, can each of you introduce yourselves?

Genki: I’m GENKI, the vocalist and main composer.
Yutori: I’m Yutori on guitar.
Machi: I’m Machi on guitar.
Ral: I’m ral on bass.
Tomoya: I’m Tomoya on drums.

If you could meet an alien from a far away planet and ask only one question, what would it be?

Genki: What’s your name?
Yutori: Do you like your steak medium rare?
Machi: Let me ride on your spaceship?
Ral: What are you doing?
Tomoya: Are you really an alien?

Congratulations on your first anniversary as METEOROID this month! Can you tell our readers how METEOROID came to be?

Tomoya: Originally it was just GENKI, ral, and me, and we were searching for guitarists. When we found Yutori and Machi, we thought that their different styles and personalities were really interesting, and that they would fit really well into our band. So we decided to approach them!
Yutori:I just had a feeling that these were the right members. I really trust my sixth sense.
Machi: I decided to join METEOROID after I listened to some music GENKI sent me. The music’s quality, along with its focus on melody, really stuck with me.

METEOROID had its first anniversary live “Gemini Program” at Shibuya REX on February 11th. What was it like celebrating this landmark occasion together with your fans?

Machi: I was really happy to spend our special one-year anniversary together. It was our way of saying thank you for everything up until now, and also asking for fans to keep on giving us that love from here on out. Pretty soon we might be facing lots of challenges and obstacles, but I want to break down those walls and move forward together with our fans.
Ral: It was amazing. I have even more love and adoration for the fans. I want to be with them forever.
Tomoya: I’m really thankful for everyone that’s been with us for the last year! You made me believe that as long as you’re with us, we can accomplish all of the new goals we’ve announced for ourselves!

Over this past year, what has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a group? How do you feel you’ve progressed?

Genki: I don’t think I would call any of our challenges “bad.” We’re doing this because we love it. I think now more than ever we’re able to really hone our compositional abilities and express ourselves to the fans through our music. Also, we practice every single day, which I think really helps to power us up.

Can you tell us a little about the recently announced album and about the cancellation of your single?

Tomoya: We’re really sorry it’s taken us so long for our music to reach the fans. But after giving it a lot of thought, we decided to turn our single into an album and fill it with even more awesome songs!! Sorry for springing that up on you! But we’re really gonna give it a power-up, so please look forward to the release!
Ral: You all were probably really surprised by the announcement, and we’re really sorry about that, but we wanted to give you guys something even better. I hope you’ll be looking forward to our album release on August 6th.

METEOROID has a jam-packed schedule this year, with two upcoming one-mans already announced. How are you preparing?

Genki: Our lives are like straight-up battles, so in that sense we’ve been training and working out a lot! We’re also working on incorporating new aspects of our performance that we’ve never been able to do before but always wanted to try.
Yutori: I wanna do some body-building.

What is your favorite part about performing live?

Genki: Probably being able to see everyone right there.
Yutori: The moment we come out onto the stage during the SE.
Machi: The stage is the one place I can fully express myself. Being able to stand on stage and communicate my feelings directly to the fans is the reason I’m alive. That’s why I love lives themselves so much.
Ral: All of the fans’ smiling faces. Feeling a sense of unity.
Tomoya: I think it would have to be that atmosphere that you can only experience at a live! That nervous, throbbing feeling that you can’t get from a CD! Also, the call and response with the fans!

Have you thought about having your music broadcast live on Mars using the Rovers

Genki: I’d rather go there myself! Tell NASA for me, ok? (laughs)
Yutori: Let’s train together and do it! (laughs)

On METEOROIDtube, fans can see all of your PVs and there several samples of other songs. What drove you to release some of your music online?

Genki: If there’s something that we’re capable of doing that will makes the fans happy, is there any reason why we shouldn’t do it?
Machi: We wanted to give people the chance to feel us out and experience our music– we make our videos so that people who live far away or are unable to come and see us live can watch us too.

What would you tell someone who has never seen a PV or heard METEOROID’s music to get them interested?

Ral: Our music is really exciting and we’d love for you to listen.
Tomoya: First do a search for “METEOROID” on the Internet. You can find lots of info about us! And then listen to our CDs and come see us live!

What has been the biggest inspiration to METEOROID as a band?

Yutori: Nature.

Can overseas fans expect to see more of METEOROID?

Genki: Definitely! We’d love to go so please call us over!!
Yutori: Please keep expecting it!!
Machi: If our overseas fans need us.
Ral: YES.
Tomoya: Of course! I gotta go get my passport!

If a meteoroid was going to hit the earth and this was your last night to live, what would you do before the end of the world?

Genki: I would spend it with my family.
Yutori: We’ll have a meeting between the members to decide how we’re going to collide with the earth, and which orbital trajectory we’ll use to hit it.
Machi: I would spend it with my family like GENKI.
Ral: I would spend it with the person I love.
Tomoya: I’ll drink so much alcohol that I lose all of my memory and say good-bye.

Please say a few words to your overseas fans and to the readers of!*

Genki: Peace begins with a smile
Machi: Would you become my toy?
Tomoya: We are METEOROID!!!!

*The answers for this question were originally in English. They have not been translated.

**Note: “Omotenashi” is a current buzzword in Japan. It is a very unique, very Japanese word that submits the idea of “ultimate acceptance and hospitality” and going above and beyond the call to please the customer, or in this case, the fan.

Fans can catch METEOROID at their next 100-Limited One-Man live, “ASTRONOMICAL OBSERVATION” on April 2nd if you managed to snag a ticket early. The tickets have already sold out, but it may not be a bad idea to try your hand to catch Genki’s Birthday live!

“GEMINI 3rd Program”, the release of their 1st full album, is expected to hit stores on August 6th while their One-Man, “GEMINI 4th Program” will be at Tsutaya O-WEST on September 17th.

Shattered-Tranquility would like to sincerely thank Nesshin Music and METEOROID for this interview. We look forward to working with both in the future.


Interview: METEOROID Reviewed by on . METEOROID crashed onto the scene with a bang in late 2012, but began their true trek as a band with their first one-man and release of their first single, "DIVE METEOROID crashed onto the scene with a bang in late 2012, but began their true trek as a band with their first one-man and release of their first single, "DIVE Rating:
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