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MoNoLith’s Member Comments on Disbandment
Tuesday, March 4, 2014 at 9:38pm in Disbandments, Lives, News, Two-mans

MoNoLith's Member Comments on Disbandment


Just days ago, MoNoLith announced their plans to disband after their One-Man, “クソガキ、悪ガキ、反抗期。” (Kusogaki, Warugaki, Hakouki) at Shinjuku BLAZE on August 31st of this year. Fans, who were left with pain and sadness after the announcement, have been waiting patiently for the translations of the band’s comments on the disbandment.

Today, Shattered-Tranquility has these comments for our readers.

Shattered-Tranquility’s Sabra has worked tirelessly these last few days on the member comments, which you can read below.

I don`t know when it was, but somehow 3/2 has become an important day to reaffirm the special connection we have with all of our fans. This time around the way we’re doing it is different, but I still believe that this year’s 3/2 is a still a reaffirmation.

I’m going to try and make sense of these feelings for you.

There might very well be be some of you who saw this coming、and prepared yourselves for the worst while attentively watching over us,
but I bet the majority of you were shocked by our announcement.

Sorry for surprising you like this.

I know that, “There’s no such thing as forever” has become somewhat of a catchphrase of mine, but I’m sorry I wasn’t able to go against those words and prevent the end from coming.

If I were to describe the dainty members of MoNoLith that you all have come to love and support, I’d say they are

Clumsier than anyone
More straight forward than anyone

More delicate than anyone
and more innocent and pure than anyone

…I really care about them.


Meeting these four people is the only thing in my life that wasn’t a mistake, and it has been my greatest fortune.

For someone like me who has no redeeming qualities、the one thing I can be proud of is that I was able to stick with this band with the same people for so long.

My greatest treasure, is having all of you who chose to support and follow MoNoLith as our fans.

My dear MoNoLith, and my dear Baba-Honeys,
We decided to end this “dream” of ours, in order to stay true to these feelings and to keep them from becoming disingenuous.

There was a time when we didn’t know left from right、and we suddenly felt completely lost.

But somehow we managed to keep walking forward, and even though we were just kids we were able to finally come through. Before we noticed it had already been 8 years.

Now has come the time where we must finally grow up and become adults.

But at least for now, until August 31st has ended, please let us continue being bratty kids.

In the 8 years since June of 2006 what has your life been like?

When you think about how long our lives are, 8 years actually seems pretty short…

But I feel truly blessed that I was able to spend this time with MoNoLith.

To everyone who quickly came to like us, or who has ever liked us in the past,
and to all the people who we can’t really call “fans”, but who have supported us none the less,

Thank you so much.

In half a year we will see the end of this “dream” called MoNoLith.

I want at the very lest just one of you
to come experience it for yourself, to see it with your own eyes,
and have it burned into your memory.
Please give this half a year to MoNoLith.

And together let’s leave no regrets behind.



I know some of you must be surprised by our sudden announcement.
We’re really sorry for having done it this way.

To tell you the truth, we first started to consider breaking up a long time ago.
We only kept on so long because we wanted to keep improving, and also because we didn’t want to let down everyone who was supporting us. But after discussing it for a long time, we decided this was the best way to allow for each member’s individual life goals.

I used to think that MoNoLith would continue on forever.
I thought I would always be singing along and making music with everyone.
I thought that we would continue performing lives in different cities across the country.
I thought I would be able to continue building memories with all these people that I love.

MoNoLith was always at the center of my world.

I know that there are people who won’t be able to accept the brakeup or who are really irritated with our decision, but I hope you can understand that it was the result of considering each members individual worries and struggles.

I promise, that as the vocalist of MoNoLith I will do my best to enjoy the short time we have left together.

I know there will probably come a time when I start to reminisce about this time, and I want to be able to look back and say,
“That was the best time of my life!”. That’s why I’m going to do my best to make the most of every last remaining step.

In order to achieve this, we ask that you lend us your kindness and support.
I know this kind of formal language might seem out of place for me, but I hope you can take it all in good faith.

We only have a few remaining lives left, and we’re going make each and every one of them unforgettable.
I want all of you to come see us live and have our last moments etched into your memory!

Lend us your support so that we can forget all of our troubles and have the best time together!
Thanks everyone!


After August of 2014, MoNoLith is going to wrap up all activity.

We have often said that our name represents this idea of having one, strong, united body. We are proud of the fact that since our debut in 2006, without changing members once, we have rolled around through the scene just like a single monolith of stone. And now I am deeply grateful to everyone who came into this stone’s path and gave us all your support. I am also grateful to everyone who actually guided us through and lent us their strength, and without whom we wouldn`t have been able to get so far. Thank you so much.

Eight years ago, in a time when we didn’t know our left from our right we began rolling around like a big, clunky, and unrefined stone. But after rolling around and around for so long、it is as if our outer surface has been worn down, and polished so that we now shine like a beautiful gem. But from here on how can we climb to new heights, still carrying the immense weight of this single stone? Up until now we’ve had to constantly break through obstacles set up in our path. And now after reaching our turning point, we’ve come upon a new unavoidable problem. Whether we continue down this smooth path we’ve created for ourselves, or whether we break apart and with our new light bodies head quickly for a cliff. We discussed and worried over this for a long time, but eventually decided to make this announcement.

In all honestly when we first started to talk about breaking up it wasn’t something I could have easily accepted. Having said that, I knew I didn’t have the right to tie down everyone’s futures, and so I struggled to try and swallow the decision.
However, by deciding to think of MoNoLith as if it were a giant gem of a monument in my mind, I have slowly come to accept the decision to break-up. My feeling of disappointment won`t change, but during my struggle against what I felt was the wrong answer, I somehow found my footing on common grounding.
Being based out of Sendai, we toured country wide proudly carrying the spirit of Tohoku with us. We’ve stood strong for eight years, performed over 100 lives, and with the great breadth our own unique songs and the variety of our performances, we’ve cultivated our own essence. In the half year we have remaining, we want to display this essence, and leave the stone that we’ve all polished up together as a memorial to MoNoLith. Through our final moments, I hope all of us who are involved with MoNoLith will be able to embed this broken up jewel deeply into our hearts, so that we will never be forgotten.

I hope you will continue to support us as you always have until the end.


I’m truly sorry it turned out this way.
I think there are probably many of you who will have trouble accepting this. Even I’m having a difficult time accepting it. I feel awful.

I don’t really know if this is the best thing to do, but I do think we are staying true to ourselves.

It’s true that we have fought a lot over the years, but we also had a lot of fun together. In the end I can say I’m glad I was with these five people. I feel like I was truly saved by the lyrics and music of this band.

I do have some regrets, but I’ve also gained so much from this band that it overshadows them.

That’s why all of these irreplaceable experiences will always stay with me. From now and forever.

I hope we can leave a lasting effect on all of you within the little remaining time until August 31st.
“I will never forget the days spent with you”

Thank you for supporting us for almost eight years.



I know this is coming suddenly, but MoNoLith will be breaking up after 8/31.
I’m sorry if you are shocked or upset by this turn of events.

I’m truly grateful to all of my fellow band-mates, everyone on our staff, and more than anything to all of our fans who have loved and supported us through these eight years.

Thank you so much for backing us, in spite of our selfish and indulgent personalities.

Like the lyrics, “Where there are hellos, there are also goodbyes”, where there is a beginning, someday there will also be an ending.

Together this band has shared many fun times, many sad times, times when we were happy, and times when we were frustrated.

I want nothing more than to dash to the finish line together with my fellow band-mates.

We`re going to complete our last piece of work as well as our few remaining lives, without any feelings of regrets, so during this short remaining time come at us with all you’ve got, okay?

Thank you for sticking with us to the end.


MoNoLith also announced a special Two-Man with Black Gene for the Next Scene in Aomori on June 22nd. This live will take place at Aomori SUNSHINE, a week prior to the beginning of their final One-Man tour, “The Muddy “SiN”ners”.

6/22 @ Aomori SUNSHINE
Doors: 17:00/17:30
Tickets: ¥3300/¥3800
ACT: Black Gene For the Next Scene / MoNoLith

*A tickets will be released on 3/19 from L-Tike.

Please note if you missed the updated translation of MoNoLith’s announcement, make sure to take a look!

Source: Ryu Ameblo Keita Ameblo, Shuhei Ameblo, Takafumi Ameblo, HAYATO Ameblo, OHP

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