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BORN: Final Farewell Comments and BORN’s Future
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BORN: Final Farewell Comments and BORN's Future


It was no shock, but certainly heartbreaking, last week when BORN announced after a year of inactivity that bassist Kifumi, who had taken a break from the band due to family-related issues, would officially leave the band.

Fans have had the opportunity to see the official comments by BORN in regards to bassist Kifumi’s departure, but the band also opted to release further, more heart-felt comments on their blog earlier this week.

These comments from the member’s ameblo blogs have been translated by Shattered-Tranquility’s AdventureTim.



Sorry things had to turn out this way.
We’ve all talked about it among ourselves plenty, but there were some things that just couldn’t be solved.
We suggested a number of options, too, but his will was already set.
I figured this was a hard decision for him to make too, so we should take him seriously.

Honestly, I couldn’t even imagine the idea that we would ever stop making music as the five-person group we were.
Speaking personally, he’s the one I’ve been in a band with longest, and I kind of took it as a given that KIFUMI would always be playing bass right beside me.
This is pretty difficult.

Even though we’re splitting up, though, I hope I stay just like I am, and KIFUMI stays just like he is, so we can keep making each other happy.

So let’s keep going, fan-kids and affiliates. I think we’re gonna keep making songs that’ll make KIFUMI happy. Just one more reason to stay strong.


Sorry this is out of nowhere

I think… to hear, to see, to feel and not get bogged down is everything in life
Your feelings will never stop getting stepped on…
But if you just keep looking ahead and reaching out your hand, there’ll be things that make you smile
I can keep on running because I think it’ll make a brighter future for everyone who’s done us the honor of being touched by BORN

So one more time, please stay true to us!

Tour starts tomorrow
We’re going to start off by punching some faces real good at AREA ☆ミ


First of all, truly sorry for all the stir from the sudden announcement yesterday.
Thanks for all the fan mail and comments.
We’re taking them all as a show of your honesty.

I sensed some different levels of enthusiasm among everyone I met yesterday, but we’ve already battened the hatches and we refuse to look back.
I’m always gonna treasure the time together that that guy said was so valuable to him.
After all, if I don’t smile, how am I gonna get all of you to smile?

I’m gonna make every minute, every second count, even more than before.

Anyway, we’re gonna smash even harder than before starting tomorrow, so thanks in advance for sticking with us.


Really sorry for the shock and sadness.

One part of me hoped that I could share the stage with KIFUMI again sometime after he leaves, and the other was already steeled for his departure.
But my head still went blank when he finally said himself that he was ready to leave the band.

I worried a lot over whether there wasn’t some way for us to keep playing together.
But knowing that KIFUMI and the rest of the band all live so recklessly, I was able to understand and even accept his decision.

So I never tried to force him into anything.
I don’t know what life holds next for me either.
I believe I’ll keep loving music and playing in the band, though.
That’s what KIFUMI did.
But now it’s turned out like this anyway.

We’re going to part ways, each wishing happiness for the other.
BORN has chosen not to stop, but to go for even greater heights.
KIFUMI told us, “Don’t leave any regrets about me, just go nuts and spread your wings.”
The fact that KIFUMI was an important member to us won’t change.
Just like how you can’t sever the bonds of family.

We’ll probably still talk, still sometimes go get food and have dumb conversations.
Which is to say–when I first saw him after a long time, KIFUMI had just as good a character as always.
He might’ve just been trying to act like always so as not to make a sad atmosphere, but still.
That’s what makes him who he is.

Plus, at the end KIFUMI didn’t even want to be onstage anymore.
That’s how much resolve he had.
So I’m going to cheer him on as much as I can.

Everyone, thank you from the bottom of my heart for always supporting us.
As we are now, BORN can still put on the best lives you’ve seen.
Not to mention bring you the best music you’ve heard.
We’re gonna be your only one, and your number one.

Keep cheering on BORN and KIFUMI as we keep on going.


Unfortunately, soon after the announcement Kifumi’s twitter and blog were deleted, so if fans would like to send their goodbyes to Kifumi in letter-form, it would be best to contact PSC to see if they can be forwarded.

Despite this dour news, things are very much looking up for BORN. Further information has been release about BORN’s Summer tour, as well as their release and upcoming two-man tours with Moran and Mejibray (all the way in October–talk about planning ahead!) and details about the release of their upcoming mini-album, THE STALIN -666- and its respective tour!

Moran VS BORN TWOMAN TOUR ~轟音なるスターリンと常闇のオペレッタ~
~Gouon Naru Stalin to Tokoyami no Operetto~

4/25 @ Niigata Live Hall GOLDEN PIGS (BLACK STAGE)
4/26 @ Kanzawa AZ
5/3 @ SendaiMACANA
5/5 @ Sapporo KRAPS HALL
5/6 @ Sapporo KRAPS HALL
5/10 @ Nagoya ell.FITS ALL
5/11 @ Osaka FANJ twice
5/13 @ Kyoto MUSE
5/15 @ Takamatsu Olive Hall
5/16 @ Okayama IMAGE
5/18 @ Hakata DRUM SON
5/25 @ Shibuya O-WEST


10/1@ Takadanobaba AREA
10/3 @ Kanazawa AZ
10/4 @ Nagoya E.L.L
10/5 @ Umeda AKASO
10/7 @ Takamatsu DIME
10/8 @ Hiroshima NAMIKI JUNCTION
10/10 @ Hakata DRUM Be-1
10/11 @ Mumamoto DRUM Be-9 V1
10/13 @ Okayama IMAGE
10/14 @ Kobe VARIT.
10/17 @ Koriyama #9
10/18 @ Niigata Live Hall GOLDEN PIGS (BLACK STAGE)
10/20 @ Sendai darwin
10/22 @ Sapporo KRAPS HALL
10/25 @ Shibuya TSUTAYA O-WEST


6/6 @ Shinjuku LOFT
Door: 18:30/19:00
Ticket: ¥3800/¥4200

6/13 @ Hakata DRUM SON
Door: 18:00/18:30
Ticket: ¥3800/¥4200

6/15 @ Kumamoto DRUM Be-9 V2
Door: 18:00/18:30
Ticket: ¥3800/¥4200

6/18 @ Hiroshima Namiki Junction
Door: 18:00/18:30
Ticket: ¥3800/¥4200

6/22 @ Shin-Yokohama NEW SIDE BEACH!!
Door: 17:00/17:30
Ticket: ¥3800/¥4200

6/27 @ Nagoya ell.FITS ALL
Door: 18:00/18:30
Ticket: ¥3800/¥4200

Door: 17:00/17:30
Ticket: ¥3800/¥4200

7/3 @ Fujisawa Zenkyou Z
Door: 18:00/18:30
Ticket: ¥3800/¥4200

7/9 @ Sendai MACANA
Door: 18:00/18:30
Ticket: ¥3800/¥4200

7/17 @ Kobe VARIT.
Door: 18:00/18:30
Ticket: ¥3800/¥4200

7/19 Kanazawa AZ
Door: 17:00/17:30
Ticket: ¥3800/¥4200


7/26 @ Shinjuku BLAZE
Door: 17:00/17:30
Ticket: ¥3990/¥4500
*Tickets will be available from April 26th~

If you’re a fan of K, make sure to attend his special birthday live at Ikebukuro BlackHole. Please note that tickets may be difficult to come across, as they must be purchased online before the event. The venue is relatively small, so make sure to snatch up your tickets as soon as possible!


5/26 @ Ikebukuro BlackHole
Door: 17:30/18:00
Ticket: ¥3800/¥4300

There are also a fair number of instore events for the release of THE STALIN -666-. Information regarding these instores has been listed below.

3/16 @ Brand X
2 Events (1 per version)
17:00~ Talk and 5-shot Cheki
19:00~ End of Year Examination & Cheki (Special gifts if you pass the test!)
Costume: Satisfaction Parkas

3/21 @ Jishuban Club
17:00~ Talk and 5-shot Cheki
Costume: Satisfaction Parkas

4/9 @ Shibuya ZEAL LINK
17:00~ 6th Anniversary Acoustic Live and Talk
18:30~ 6th Anniversary Acoustic Live and Talk
Costume: ~Various Costume~
*Originally stated as “Vorious” on OHP

4/12 @ Omiya HMV
18:30~ Handshake and Messages
Costume ~Various Costume~

4/13 @ Tower Records Shinjuku
13:00~ 5-shot Cheki
Costume: ~Various Costume~

4/19 @ Takadanobaba ZEAL LINK
12:30~ 「笑っていいTOMO!Vol.7」(Waratte ii Tomo! Vol.7) and Handshake
Costume: THE STALIN ~Humanity~

4/19 @ Shibuya ZEAL LINK
16:30~ The Final 4 Show and 5-Shot Cheki
Costume: THE STALIN ~Humanity~

4/24 @ Niigata R.I.P [ReBOOT IN PITCH-BLACK] 18:00~ 5-Shot Cheki

4/27 @ Tower Records Kanazawa
15:00~ 5-Shot Cheki

5/2 @ little HEARTS.SENDAI
18:00~ 5-Shot Cheki

5/6 @ Music Shop Ondoko (Sapporo)—–
13:00~ 5-Shot Cheki

5/9 @ Nagoya fiveStars
18:00~ 5-Shot Cheki

5/12 @ Osaka ZEAL LINK
16:40~ 5-Shot Cheki

5/17 @ Fukuoka SKULL ROSE
18:00~ 5-Shot Cheki

6/14 @ Fukuoka SKULL ROSE
16:00~ Signings

6/17 @ Hiroshima Magical Square
16:00~ Talk and Signing

6/26 @ Nagoya fiveStars
16:00~ Talk and Signing

6/28 @ Osaka ZEAL LINK
16:00~ Talk and Signing

7/10 @ little HEARTS.SENDAI
16:00~ Ray’s Birthday Party and Signing

We also announced pre-orders available for THE STALIN -666- last week, but we finally have the tracklists for the releases! Make sure to snag your copy today: It looks like they’re already selling out!

2014.04.09 RELEASE
The Stalin -666- Regular edition

5.排梳ノ蝶 (Haikezu no Cho)
6.磔 (Haritsuke)

The Stalin -666-
Type A
4.排梳ノ蝶 (Haikezu no Cho)

The Stalin -666-
Type B

4.排梳ノ蝶 (Haikezu no Cho)


What do you think about the upcoming plans for BORN? Do you see a shining future coming? Leave your comments below!

Source: OHP, Member Ameblos

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BORN: Final Farewell Comments and BORN’s Future Reviewed by on . It was no shock, but certainly heartbreaking, last week when BORN announced after a year of inactivity that bassist Kifumi, who had taken a break from the band It was no shock, but certainly heartbreaking, last week when BORN announced after a year of inactivity that bassist Kifumi, who had taken a break from the band Rating:
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