Lycaon’s 44-Stop One Man Tour

Lycaon's 44-Stop One Man Tour

Kicking off in June, Lycaon is going on a massive countrywide tour that includes 44 different lives in almost as many live houses. (The title is a bit deceptive!) From Hokkaido to Okinawa, they’re going virtually everywhere. Dates are as follows (are you ready for this massive list?):

Lycaon Countrywide 44-Stop One Man Tour

(“Izonsei ya Dokusei, Houkisei no Umu wo Towazu, Nounai no Shinkei dentatsu busshitsu ni Sayou shi, Meitei・Takoukan・Genkaku nado wo Motarasu Mono”)
June 22 (Fri) @ Aichi Okazaki CAM (Produced by Yuuki)
June 23 (Sat) @ Aichi Toyohashi ell.KNOT (Procued by Rito)
June 24 (Sun) @ Aichi Nagoya ell.FITS ALL (Produced by Lyacon)
June 28 (Thu) @ Tokyo Ikebukuro MANHOLE (Produced by Satoshi)
June 29 (Fri) @ Gunma Takasaki SUNBURST (Produced by Hiyuu)
June 30 (Sat) @ Tochigi Utsunomiya HELLO DOLLY (Produced by Yuuki)
July 1 (Sun) @ Shizuoka Hamamatsu FORCE (Produced by Rito)
July 2 (Mon) @ Kanagawa Atsugi Thunder Snake
July 5 (Thu) @ Ibaraki Mito SONIC (Produced by Satoshi)
July 7 (Sat) @ Chiba Kashiwa Thumb Up (Produced by Hiyuu)
July 8 (Sun) @ Yamanashi KAZOO HALE (Produced by Yuuki)
July 12 (Thu) @ Yamagata Sandinista (Produced by Rito)
July 13 (Fri) @ Fukushima Kooriyama #9 (Produced by Satoshi)
July 14 (Sat) @ Miyagi Sendai BIRDLAND (Produced by Hiyuu)
July 20 (Fri) @ Niigata Niigata City BLACK STAGE (Produced by Yuuki)
July 21 (Sat) @ Fukui HALLBEE (Produced by Rito)
July 22 (Sun) @ Ishikawa VANVAN V4 (Produced by Satoshi)
July 24 (Tue) @ Mie Yokkaichi CLUB CHAOS (Produced by Hiyuu)
July 25 (Wed) @ Shiga B-FLAT (Produced by Ichiro [Lycaon's support member])
July 28 (Sat) @ ESAKA MUSE (Produced by Lycaon)
July 29 (Sun) @ Gifu CASPER (Produced by Yuuki)
July 30 (Mon) @ Nagano India Live the SKY (Produced by Rito)
August 1 (Wed) @ Okayama PEPPERLAND (Produced by Satoshi)
August 2 (Thu) @ Yamaguchi RIZE (Produced by Hiyuu)
August 3 (Fri) @ Hiroshima 4.14 (Produced by Yuuki)
August 4 (Sat) @ Tokushima Crowbar (Produced by Rito)
August 5 (Sun) @ Hyogo Himeji Beta (Produced by Satoshi)
August 10 (Fri) @ Fukuoka DRUMSUN (Produced by Hiyuu)
August 11 (Sat) @ Nagasaki DRUM7 (Produced by Yuuki)
August 12 (Sun) @ Kumamoto DRUM9 (Produced by Rito)
August 14 (Tue) @ Kagoshima SRHALL (Produced by Satoshi)
August 15 (Wed) @ Saga Frontier, ~Ballad Version, Acoustic Version~**
August 17 (Fri) @ Okinawa ROCK IN OKINAWA (Produced by Hiyuu)
August 18 (Sat) @ Okinawa ROCK IN OKINAWA (Produced by Yuuki)
August 19 (Sun) @ Okinawa ROCK IN OKINAWA, Extra vol. 『The[1st]degree genocide holic』**
August 24 (Fri) @ Akita Club SWINDLE (Produced by Rito)
August 25 (Sat) @ Morioka CLUB CHANGE (Produced by Satoshi)
August 26 (Sun) @ Aomori SUNSHINE (Produced by Hiyuu)
August 30 (Thu) @ Hokkaido Asahikawa CASINO DRIVE (Produced by Yuuki)
August 31 (Fri) @ Hokkaido Sapporo MESSE HALL (Produced by Rito)
September 1 (Sat) @ Hokkaido Sapporo MESSE HALL (Produced by Satoshi)
September 2 (Sun) @ Hokkaido Sapporo MESSE HALL, Extra vol. 『The[1st]degree genocide holic』**
October 5 (Fri) @ Aichi Shinei TIGHT ROPE, Satoshi Birthday Event ~Ai n Mama ni Wagamama ni Boku wa Kimi Dake wo Kizutsukenai~**
November 30 (Fri) @ Kawasaki CITTA’

** Indicates special lives with additional titling information (the Extra vol.s lives were only recently added).
Lycaon photography event
Every live will offer this opportunity except those on June 24th and June 25th.
Limited to the first 50 people who spend more than 5,000 yen on Lyacaon goods at the livehouse. If you spend 5,000 yen or more, you will receive an event coupon. Purchasing any items, from CDs to DVDs, photo sets and cheki, makes you qualified.
※ Please bring your camera. (Cell phone cameras may also be used).
※ Before the photo is taken, please choose the two members that you want to sit next to in the photo (three person shot).
※ A two person shot (you and one member) is also possible.
※ You are able to give presents to the members at the event.
※ There is a maximum of two coupons per person.
Most general ticket sales begin on March 3rd, but there are some exceptions. The following dates will only release tickets via ban reservations: June 29th, July 12th, 21st, 29th, 30th, August 3rd, 4th, 15th, 24th, and 26th. The August 1st show will vend through Lawson ticket but there is no starting date announced yet. You can also reserve through the band for this one.
August 30th tickets start on March 5th.
For the lives in Okinawa, and the shows on August 31st, September 1st, and 2nd in Hokkaido, mail order purchase or band reservation are both available. Mail orders must be completed between March 5th and May 25th.
Source: OHP


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