Details on Elm’s members

Details on Elm's members
I remember that, when we introduced Elm to you, many people were speculating on the members’ previous bands, so now that the details are known I thought I could share it with everyone.

About JEKYLL‘s identity, spot on ! He actually was Tetora from カミカゼ少年團 (Kamikaze Boys) and Ma’die Kusse before that.
Rua (guitar) was a support member for Rucid, and more recently he was in ActLess TheAteR.
27-NINA- was the bassist of Mareydi†Creia (along with Kai who’s now in the GazettE)
And finally, Neku used to play drums for SKULL and k@mikaze.

Doesn’t the band look even more interesting now ?

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6 Responses to Details on Elm’s members

  1. toppuu

    hell yes tetora D:

  2. Kiri

    I’m so so happy to see Tetora’s back in a band.
    I just would like to know why, if he was joining a new band, he had to be so emo in his blog. I was worried about him xD;
    I probably was misreading things, but he could have said something…

  3. mita

    Oh wow~ 8D

  4. Shugo

    ive heard of ma’die kusse before, i think one of the current GazettE members was in it too, which means two connections to the GazettE! i will definately be watching these guys, thanks for the info, much appreciated

  5. keri

    ^Shugo. Yeah, I’m positive I’ve heard of ma’die kusse before, especially in relation to the GazettE.. so after a little research..

    I found that Ruki, Uruha and Reita were all band members in it!!After ma’die kusse broke up, these 3 still stayed together in 2 other bands until gazette finally formed..


    Yeah.. I’ll absolutely check out this band.. two gazette connections is definitely not a bad thing!! ^w^ Can’t wait to hear something!!

  6. Hikaru-sama

    Gazette connections is not matter for me… BUT!!
    I’m really happy that Tetora is officially come back to stage. He was AMAZING in Kamikaze Boyz, and music sample of Elm is nice too. :3

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