New UNDER CODE band: Suzaku

New UNDER CODE band: Suzaku
Complete details of the new UNDER CODE PRODUCTION band have been announced!!


The new band is called 朱 (Suzaku), and it seems that they’re completely new to the label, contrary to some speculation. Their history/live schedule so far is somewhat complicated, so let’s go through it:

  • 朱 (Suzaku) officially formed on March 1st.
  • March 10th, they’ll appear at UNDER CODE’s 8th anniversary event, but this is a “secret live.”
  • April 1st, they’ll officially start activities.
  • April 26th, first official live: a sponsored event called 朱宴-襲- (Suzakuen -Kasane-) at OSAKA MUSE.
  • June 19th & 25th, two-part sponsored event, 朱宴-宵- (Suzakuen -Yoi-), at ESAKA MUSE and Ikebukuro CYBER.


As for the members, the complete lineup has been announced, but we haven’t figured out the complete member history yet. (See the community linked as source for discussion/justifications!) So far, it seems that vocalist Itsuki is ex-Envus/jubily Hideki; guitarist Hadzuki is ex-AIKARYU’s SHAGRATH; and drummer Kajuu is ex-REZERG’s Kajuu.

葉月 (Hadzuki)

時雨 (Shigure)

樹 (Itsuki)

華樹 (Kajuu)

鴉 (Karasu)


This being an UNDER CODE PRODUCTION band, they of course have a release announced! It’s a maxi-single, to be released in two types on May 18th. Both types cost 1,680 yen and have the same first and second track, but differ in terms of the third track. Those who buy both types from the UNDER CODE official web shop will receive a special message + live DVD with footage recorded at the band’s March 10th secret live.

(Magaru Suiren, Kakeru [11ul])

01. 曲ガル睡蓮`駆ケル[11ul]
02. 舌禍粧 (Zekkashou)
03. 『』曰わく、 (『』 Iwaku,)


01. 曲ガル睡蓮`駆ケル[11ul]
02. 舌禍粧 (Zekkashou)
03. テオナナカトル (TEONANACATL)


One last thing… You can already hear a sample of their first song here!! What do you think of this new band?




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10 Responses to New UNDER CODE band: Suzaku

  1. fs_chibi

    they look so interesting, im definitely keeping an eye on them

  2. Saika

    Looks a bit like cleaveil
    but I am very very excited :D

  3. Kiru

    “vocalist Itsuki is ex-Envus/jubily Hideki”
    They definitely look promising!

  4. tsui

    hope, they will last a little longer and won’t end up in old chariots or magomago like costumes 8D

    waiting for more news ♥

  5. Anagre

    Totally though Itsuki was Riku for a second XD

    And yeah, I’d have to agree they kind of look like ClearVeil, lol.

  6. xPANiCx

    I also thought they looked a bit like ClearVeil. But I liked Aikaryu so I’m a little excited about these guys.

  7. bella

    sounds nice!

  8. nobitakinema

    look good, like them

  9. xMayaku

    I don’t like the vocals at all u_u It sounds like all those bands without any originality, unfortunately =(

    • 4skin,

      welcome to undercode.

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