THE GALLO down one

THE GALLO down one
Only a few weeks ago, we reported on their upcoming new mini-album for April, but today the news aren’t as happy. ギャロ (THE GALLO) will be saying goodbye to guitarist ルル (Lulu) in June.

The following message was posted on their OHP:

We have important information for those of you who have supported THE GALLO:

We are sorry to announce that after THE GALLO – THE JAPAN TOUR 2012 Independent Spring Tour Final “NEO JAPANESQUE BEAUTY AND DESTROY” in Shibuya  Box on 02/06/2012, guitarist Ruru will be leaving the band.

We would like to thank you all for your support but would also like to apologise for this announcement.

So far, we expect to continue with already announced lives and instore events as well as the release of our mini album.

We will continue activities as a band for now, and we would like to thank you all very much for your understanding and support.


The following is a comment from Lulu.

I’m sorry to have to announce such surprising news to everyone.
I have my reasons for leaving, but I cannot talk about them right now.

I have come to this conclusion after a lot of worry and thought.

It was difficult to come to this decision during the tour, but everything that I have said and played over the last few days has been true.

Up until then I will still be Lulu, ThE GALLO’s guitarist.

Although I want to tell you why I’m leaving, I can’t. It would take too long to explain.

This will be the last CD release and tour for me. I don’t think I could stand onstage again.

It’s hard to express how I feel about thinking that this will be the last time I play onstage.

I hope you all understand and accept my reasons for leaving.

To all our fans and staff who support me until the end, I’ll do my best play with all my might onstage. Thank you all so much for everything.


Source: vkdb, OHP


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  1. Sammie

    My favorites always leave. :(

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