UnsraW news

UnsraW news
There are finally some fantastic news for UnsraW fans! The band has 2 new members, a guitarist 円 (Madoka) and a bassist 迅 (Jin).

What is more, all the members have decided to set new blogs on Ameba!

Yuki - http://ameblo.jp/unsraw-yuki/
Madoka – http://ameblo.jp/unsraw-madoka
Tetsu – http://ameblo.jp/unsraw-tetsu
Jin – http://ameblo.jp/unsraw-jin
Sho – http://ameblo.jp/unsraw-sho

Furthermore, the band has announced a oneman live, entitled 「TRACE OF GUILT」. It will be held on the 19th of April at Takadanobaba AREA. Further details to follow.

Unluckily, there is no official picture available on the OHP with the new members… We will surely post it once it is though!

Source: vkdb, OHP


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19 Responses to UnsraW news

  1. ten.

    this is amazing, finally!

  2. schuldig_schwartz

    This rocks!!!!!! I’m so happy!

  3. TheKairou

    Yes! Thats great! :D

  4. Shizuka

    Yay for Jin :D

  5. xxdeathxgazex666

    this is REALLY great news!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Shiro

    : D they’re GGREEAT! Well this is great : D

  7. MissLucy

    thats so great~ i’m glad to hear this.. <3 is there anyone who knows the new guitar player? former bands or so?

  8. Drajena

    Finally some good news for UnsraW^^

  9. Uruoi

    JIN !!!
    Yezz~ I thought that this would happen~ But that it really worked~ wonderful *_*

    Madoka ~ I hope he’s the one I think he is~
    That would be wonderful too ^.^

  10. Milou

    Yay~ ♥♥
    is Jin the one who also was in Europe?

  11. Jinx

    Aww, yay! Glad to hear things with Jin worked out! I’m not familiar with Madoka, but I’m glad they’re moving forward. Good for them. :3

  12. Kira Zeroshiki

    Jin is ex Since1889???o.o

    • Bunneh

      Jin did support for Since1889, but he was never an official member.

  13. Seraphinne

    PETA time! ^^

  14. DKjapanesefreak

    This totally made my day, can’t stop smiling :D

  15. fs_chibi

    yay im so glad for them!!!!!!
    cant wait for them to put out a new single woohoo

  16. Bex

    I can’t wait to see visuals.

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