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CATFIST to Disband This Spring
Thursday, February 27, 2014 at 8:52pm in Blogs, Disbandments, Lives, One-mans, Translations

CATFIST to Disband This Spring


After many bumps in the road, it looks like CATFIST’s ending won’t be a happy one.

On February 25th, CATFIST announced that they will be disbanding this April 2014. The unfortunate news comes nearly half a year after vocalist Kokoro was diagnosed with Autonomic Ataxia, and just two months after the start of their activity pause from last December. The band will commemorate the disbandment with a final one-man live in Tokyo.

You can read the official announcement as well as member comments in their entirety below, thanks to our very own Sabra:

※An Important Announcement from CATFIST※

Thank you to everyone who has always supported CATFIST.

We have an important announcement for all of you.

At this time it has been decided that we will disband after performing the one-man live on April 25 at Higashi-Koenji Niman Den-atsu.
It was a final decision we made as a result of having several discussions after last year’s hiatus.
CATFIST won’t be together as a band anymore, but each member will continue to have their own musical careers after this.

There is only but a brief time left, but we hope you will continue to support us to the very end.

February 25, 2014


Member Comments

It feels incredibly sad、incredibly vexing、and pitiful to me to finish with this band.
This is more trouble piled onto my sickness.
I’m honestly suffering.
And I’m full of regret.

After causing everyone to worry, I felt like I didn’t know myself anymore, and wanted to disappear.
But I was always saved by my band-mates, and the warmth I received from our little kittens’ smiling faces.
CATFIST will end on April 25th, but I’ve decided to believe in and look forward to whatever the future holds for all of us.

We only have one more live left, but I want to feel all of your warmth and radiance once more.


I know that some of you must be shocked by our sudden announcement, but I hope that you can somehow come to accept it. However, I want you to know that we do truly love CATFIST.
That feeling isn’t disingenuous in any way.
I strongly believe that there is no cooler band out there than this one.
We hope that no matter what you won’t forget about us.
I am truly grateful to all of our fans who have loved and supported us up until now, every one of our staff members, and all of the people who have helped us out in anyway.
I hope that wherever our roads may lead us from now on, that you all will continue to watch over us.
Thank you so much for everything until now.
Honestly, thank you.


We’ve decided to finally close the books after four years of activity.

I am deeply sorry for making the announcement so suddenly.

I am absolutely grateful to everyone who has supported us.

Our last live will be the same as always, and I hope, as always, you will come to it smiling.

We’ll see you on April 25 at Higashi-Koenji Niman Den-atsu, our last one-man.


First I’d like to apologize for making such a sad announcement.

It was the result of discussions we’ve had since before the hiatus、as well as a sorting out our feelings that happened little by little.
For these past four years, we were able to create this band called CATFIST alongside our little kittens’ support. I know we probably had more problems than anything else, but all I can remember is seeing everyone’s smiling faces, and all the fun that we had.

That’s why, one more time I want to have a super awesome live with the band, the band members, and the little kittens that I absolutely love!

April 25、CATFIST’s last performance.
Everyone, lend us your strength.


As stated above, CATFIST’s final one-man live will take place on April 25th at Higashi-Koenji Niman Den-atsu. Tickets for the event, “To the future of everyone,” will cost 3000yen advance, 3500yen same day. You can purchase tickets starting on March 1st.

CATFIST, originally from Kyushu, moved their activity base to Tokyo in September 2012. They put out several singles and mini albums before switching labels to SPEED DISK in February 2013. There, they released another three singles, the latest being “THE MOMENT” released in September 2013. Despite Kokoro’s repeated health problems, the band managed to build up a sizable discography.

Fans have just one more chance to see CATFIST in action. Will you be going?

Translation: Sabra
Source: vkdb, OHP

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CATFIST to Disband This Spring Reviewed by on . After many bumps in the road, it looks like CATFIST's ending won't be a happy one. On February 25th, CATFIST announced that they will be disbanding this April 2 After many bumps in the road, it looks like CATFIST's ending won't be a happy one. On February 25th, CATFIST announced that they will be disbanding this April 2 Rating:
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