New member for ROYZ

New member for ROYZ
ROYZ has as new guitarist, who joined them on the 14th of Februrary at the live at HOLIDAY OSAKA. His name is 杙凪-KUINA- and he used to be in Celestial Garden. You can follow his blog here.

Source: vkdb, OHP

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  1. narumi

    Wonderful!!! I’m so happy he’s back <3

  2. H i r a m u.

    Also, ROYZ got an important annoucement the 21 of February at HOLIDAY OSAKA, where they said they willl be realesing their first Single called “春ノ夜ノ夢/恋花火 ” wich include two tracks, and also another version wich include a PV for the song “春ノ夜ノ夢”. AND they will be sponsoring their first event on April 29´s on HOLIDAY OSAKA called “Royzレコ発主催 「季節外れの打ち上げ花火」 ~Royzと一緒におバカさん~” .

  3. -ギザみみ

    Go Kuina!

    I knew a little while back he was in ROYZ when he changed his prof picture and Rihito was talking about going and seeing their live~. (笑)

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