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Chemical Pictures Member’s Comments
Saturday, February 25, 2012 at 8:46pm in Hiatus, Translations

Chemical Pictures Member's Comments

As we mentioned, ケミカルピクチャーズ (Chemical Pictures) will be going on a live activity “shutdown” on June 22nd.

We had been waiting for 平 一洋 (Taira Kazuhiro), probably better known as Tenten, to post his comment, however it hasn’t come yet. If and when he does post his, we will update this post.

Hirai Kenta (Rui)

After this tour is over
Chemical Pictures is gonna be
going on a break from live activities.

Big Daddy (Tabata-san/Shiun) already wrote this too,
but we’re gonna disappear forever or anything,
so please wait patiently for us.

We’re not making this something pessimistic either.

But after this tour is over you won’t be able to see us anymore for a while

If you come play closer
Someday I’ll go
I’ve got other plans
just throw away those ideas
and come see us (on this tour), even a little bit

I’d be really happy if we’re able to share,
even just a little bit,
the experiences we can only have together on that day

(*`◎ч◎)ノ<See you then

Saijou Yousuke (Joe)

About our recent announcement

The other members have already written a few things
and our answer as a band was the most important thing of all,

so after thinking about it, I kind of don’t really know what’s left to say now

In any case, I hope that everybody has lots of fun at our national tour taking place after 3/14,
it makes me really happy that us as Chemical Pictures, the performers, can come together and share these experiences with you, the audience.

So after 6/22, yeah,
it’s gonna be a while until we can see each other again

but the next time we all come together, we’ll be back as a band with a million times more energy than before!

That’s what we’re taking this time for,
and we’ll be really happy if you all wait for us.

I don’t really wanna say anything too embarrassing here,

So I’ll just say this,
if you listen to some of the songs we released
at the very beginning of Chemical Pictures,
like Praparat and Reincarnation,
I think you might find the answers in there.

Other than that, let’s just meet during this tour!
Let’s make it a fun one-man tour!

Saijou Yousuke

Nonaka Taku

I think you guys already know what’s going on

but we’re gonna be going on a

pause from live activities.

We made the announcement to the fanclub first, so we apologize for making you guys worry while waiting to make an official announcement.

There have been a lot of rumors,

But this is the real announcement.

This is something we’ve been talking about in magazines recently,

but we’ve really just exhausted our stock

or rather

we put everything we had into our album and it feels like we’ve got nothing left right now

If we were to start making news songs now, we’d need to take them further than we ever have until now, and not leave anything behind,

but we don’t have the confidence to pull that off right now.

We’ve done our best and used everything up

and I think that’s really the honest truth.

That’s why we decided to take the break now

We’re not sure exactly how long it will be,

maybe after a month

maybe after a year

we dunno exactly

but we’re gonna work hard to level up our skills and come back.

I think it’s probably pretty bad for someone who stands on a stage to say this,

but, honestly I don’t have any confidence in myself.

That’s why I wanna get better at playing bass, and I wanna learn to love the bass even more. I wanna write lots more songs that aren’t only praised my other people, but that I can really praise myself.

That’s what I think this break time is for.

It might just be our selfishness

but we hope you’ll follow us through it.

Because we’ve been able to tell you all of this, we’ll be able to do our best during our one-man tour that’s taking place after our Area one-man live on 3/14 and give you all we’ve got.

We’re really hoping you’ll stick with us till the Final at West on 6/22.

In any case, we don’t intend to mope around and be gloomy at all,

so let’s have fun until 6/22! (^^)

Music is meaningless if you’re not having fun with it!

Our goal right now is 6/22 West

Let’s have fun and work towards that day, Pictures (^^)deden

Tabata Shiun

After our live at Shibuya O-West on 6/22 Chemical Pictures will be going on a pause from live activities.

But this does not mean activity pause = break up.

Sorry for making you guys worry.

When we thought about it as a band, we thought that if we don’t level up individually we won’t ever level up as a band.

Pictures (you) are probably thinking “How long does this mean we have to wait?” But if we were to decide on a specific date, and then come back still incomplete, you guys would feel like “You didn’t change at all, what was all of that waiting for in the end?” So we decided to make the break open-ended to avoid anything like that.

We’ll come back when we’ve all agreed it’s the right time.

So please wait for us.

Cause we’re gonna go into our tour starting 3/14 with full power.


Translations by’s Alicia.

Source: Chemical Pictures’ Official Blog


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