SLADD disbands

SLADD disbands
I just saw this while browsing through some blogs, but SLADD as of February 18th announced that they will be disbanding at on April 8th. It’s disappointing especially because the band was formed in April of 2007 and didn’t start their activity until July 30th.


The reason for their disbanding is that on January 30th, their vocalist マコト (Makoto) told them that after the event that they would be organizing which took place on February 20th, he would be leaving the band. After that, the band couldn’t really see a future of SLADD and decided that they could not continue. They tried to look for another vocalist, but without マコト (Makoto) SLADD becomes … not SLADD and if he was leaving, then they had no choice but to disband.Nao, Ryota and Takanoori all do not want to disband, but they feel that they cannot continue the way they are. They have a schedule planned up until April 8th, and they promise to continue activities without disbanding up until that point.

The band apologizes from the bottom of their hearts for the announcement, but felt that it was best to make it clear on their OHP instead of just announcing it at lives.

Source: Visunavi, OHP


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