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2the DISCOLAND has Disbanded
Monday, February 18, 2013 at 7:29am in Disbandments

2the DISCOLAND has Disbanded

Some disappointing news for fans of the fairly new band 2the DISCOLAND today…

It appears, barely a year after their debut at Shinjuku Ruido K4, they have officially disbanded at their live on the 15th, at Ebisu Liquid Room. They’re sorry for the sudden announcement and those who attended the recent live and their fans in general, and thank those fans who’ve supported them since the beginning. No reason was given as to why the breakup occurred.

The following was translated by our own vii-vii.

Thank you so much to those who have always supported 2the DISCOLAND.

After our last live on the 15th of February in Ebisu Liquidroom, we have decided to disband.
We give our deepest thanks to everyone who has supported us since the beginning and to our staff as well. We are so sorry to have to come to this.

We all apologise for the nature of our announcement of our disbandment. We have each written something in our blogs about the disbandment.

16/02/2013 2the DISCOLAND (Kou, Kaine, Tomoki, Tekede)


First of all, I apologise for the sudden announcement. As of now, 2the DISCOLAND will be disbanding. It was definitely not caused by a rift between members, but we are starting to feel that we aren’t as in tune with each other as we once were. Having said that, that doesn’t mean we’re going to abandon music. I would be so happy if our fans could support us all in our individual activities from here.

I personally have thought of doing other projects, but I don’t think I should talk about them just now. Forgive me for not saying anything about it just yet.

I apologise to all our fans who have done nothing but love our music. I’m sure this ending must feel like a betrayal.
All our backing came from our fans. Thank you for following us and still liking us to the end.

It really was fun. It made me so happy to sing in front of your smiling faces.

But don’t stop being thankful. That’s all it is.

Thank you for all your support for this past year!!! Every time we met it made me so happy.

I will be deleting this blog soon, so this will be the last thing I’ll write.

2the DISCOLAND’s vocalist, Kou (皇)

Thank you.
Good day, Good Bye
Thank you so much.


After our announcement at 12am, for those who don’t know yet, from the 15th of February 2the DISCOLAND will have disbanded after our very last live together.

I’m sorry for the way we announced our disbandment, it wasn’t very good behaviour. I’m sorry we couldn’t eventually travel around the country or overseas to perform. I’m sorry we couldn’t continue the band for more than a year.

I’m sorry for the disappointment.

I know it isn’t the time to say thank you but thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has supported us up until now. And thank you to all our staff who have supported us for so long too. From me and the rest of 2the DISCOLAND, even Shidou who retired in August, thank you all so much.

I’m reading everyone else’s messages and I don’t feel as scared. I feel both happy and sad, but I won’t turn away from these feelings. My chest hurts from thinking about everything, but soon that pain will fade and I can look back on what we had together fondly.

I wrote this last entry as calmly as I could.

– Kaine (戒音)


I’m sorry about the sudden announcement about our disbandment after our live show at Ebisu Liquidroom on 15th of February. Since the announcement, I’ve thought about how to say sorry. But look back, there is no way I can change the outcome with the other members.

I’ll speak honestly about the disbandment and say that hast month Tekede and I discussed retiring. Talking to Tekede about leaving only strengthened my own reasons to leave. He opened up to me and told me he was thinking about it in November.

The year before last I was playing bass for a band and I decided I wanted to play with Tekede. That was how we got started with 2the DISCOLAND. After I got support from him I decided I wanted to join him and within a year we were playing together. I had decided to leave by 2013 and I suppose I have been on schedule. I thought about as to what the band would do, and after talking it out it was decided we would disband last month. We always hear about bands  breaking up because they have an argument, but that’s not what happened to us. It’s a retirement, not a break up.

But what? It’s difficult to hear.
But even though we’re not a band anymore, we will still play the same phrases and techniques as much as we want.

I have so many feelings about how things ended. I truly am sorry to all our fans and staff for what is a betraying ending. But I also want to say how thankful I an for the support.

I really am sorry about how things turned out.

– Tomoki (智希)


I’m sorry about how we disbanded.

I refused to be the first to say anything.

I had a different stance on band activities as well as our views and how we should continue. I have been to a lot of live shows and my confidence hasn’t changed.  Even though I quit, we can’t work together towards the same goal.

Even after I told the other members why I quit, there was no objection.  I want to set my future towards playing in a band.

We focused on our last long awaited event and we didn’t say anything about our breaking up until after because we didn’t want to turn our last live into a selfish, self centred event.

I don’t know if it’s a good idea to schedule more live shows after the way we disbanded.
But despite those feelings it would be a lie to say I couldn’t play live shows anymore.

Ebisu Liquidroom was an amazing sight. To me, standing on the stage for that live show is a proud moment for me.

I’m sorry about the way we announced our disbandment. Thank you for everything.

– Tekede (テケデ)

Source: OHP, vkdb


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