My VK Room / Space – # 2

My VK Room / Space – # 2
I have a nice new room to share with everyone today, thanks to Mitsuki!

Eh..nothing much to say.I’m a VK-o-phile like you guys.In my spare time I like to draw and sing. I aspire to be a visual-kei Fashion designer.That’s about it.

Photos will enlarge.

What band or bands are featured in your room?
Too many. Lots of an cafe All of PSC (except kagrra…I don’t dislike them I just don’t own anything from them) Miyavi ehhh…theres just too many.I horded so many flyers after concerts so I have so many different bands everywhere XD

What visual kei item in your room is your favorite?
I’m a horrible person…..My fav item is one I can’t find…..It’s takuya’s guitar pick that I caught at a An Cafe concert. (the story of how I actually got it is funny and scary)

Anything special in your room?
…the guitar pick… least I hope it’s still in my room….I always cherish my an cafe necklace that I got from their budokan live I cherish it so much that I don’t wear it out for fear of losing it…..uhhh other things….Does Aoi’s condoms count?

Anything else you’d like to add?
I use to many “…..”My room is too messy to take enough pictures but It’s mostly posters and towels.(alice nine,kra,screw,vivid and more an cafe budokan stuff) Everything else is other misc merch.(t shirts,condoms,accessories,etc)

Don’t forget, you can send me photos and a description of your vk room or space anytime! Just head on over to the contact form. I want to see more!

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  1. neko*

    Really cool and nice room!! Lol @ Aoi condoms!! XD

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