Details on SCAPEGOAT’s first mini-album

Details on SCAPEGOAT's first mini-album
Back in November, I told you about SCAPEGOAT releasing its first mini-album. But at that time, most details were left unknown, we’re now able to tell all you want to know about it.

This first mini-album will be called 「パラダイムサァカス」 (Paradigm Circus), it will go on sale on March 31st for 2625 yen. And here’s the tracklist :
1. alice
2. アカイイト (Akai Ito)
3. 恋人 (Koibito)
4. 桜雨 (Sakura Ame)
5. Anesthesia

Order yours quickly if you want to get one of the 1000 copies ! And also don’t forget about 「カタストロフィ-catastrophe-」, their 3rd maxi-single coming out next week !

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