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Megaromania to Disband
Tuesday, February 12, 2013 at 7:10pm in Disbandments

Megaromania to Disband

Despite having released their Best album this Wednesday, Megaromania have some shocking yet saddening news for fans. They’ve stated on UnderCode Production’s website, that they will be disbanding in July.

The following message and comments were left on UCP’s webpage, and have been translated by our own Elena.

Thank you for supporting Megaromania for all this time.
This is a sudden announcement, but after graduating from UNDER CODE PRODUCTION and celebrating our 5-year anniversary with “THE LEGEND OF CREATION” one-man lives at OSAKA MUSE on July 28 and Shibuya O-EAST on July 31, Megaromania will cease all activities and disband.
There is only a little time left, but we will continue to charge forward with all our power so we have no regrets.
For our 5th anniversary, and what will be our last one-mans in Osaka and Tokyo, we want to create the most beautiful scenery together with the members and each and every one of our many followers.
Comments from the members of Megaromania (Sui, Misery, Chikage, Hyouga, Yushi) are as follows below.


From the bottom of my heart, thank you for always supporting us.  First and foremost, for deciding at the last minute to disband, and for making the announcement so suddenly, I would like to apologize.
This band was born at UNDER CODE PRODUCTION in March 2008.
Walking together until now, the members have overcome many obstacles.
After graduating from UNDER CODE PRODUCTION, there was a way to continue.  But our 5th anniversary is a turning point, and the map of the future from then on that each member drew for himself was very different.  Now facing our 5th anniversary one-mans in Osaka and Tokyo, I think we, together as the members of Megaromania, want to make this one map of the future a reality.



To all our followers who have continued to come and support us, I want to extend an apology and express my sorrow for this sudden announcement.
I really thought that Megaromania still had quite a way to go, that there was no way Megaromania would end.
Recklessly looking only at the past, we have come this far doing our best… but… the end… this time has finally come, hasn’t it… even if we turn our faces away from reality, time moves on…
Time and time again we had so many meetings with the members and the company president, and we have all agreed on the answer.
To be honest, the reality that we are disbanding still hasn’t quite set in.
That the band is breaking up means the eternal slumber of Megaromania.  But, it is still too early for us to sleep.
Megaromania will continue walking forward together until July 31.  All this does not mean that we have given up yet.
Although the time is short, until the very end we will continue making this world of creation, focusing and improving on what we can do, and what can’t be done by anyone but ourselves.
Until the very end, all our followers, please lend us your strength.  Let’s focus on ascending together.
Lastly… the most amazing members that I care deeply for, Sui, Chikage, Hyouga, Yushi.  And to our followers, our 6th members that we have been able to meet… I want you to be happy.
Lastly, let’s close the curtain laughing, with smiling faces.



First, I want to apologize for this sudden announcement to all the followers who have supported us.

I won’t say much now.

Just that, since this was decided until the very end, from now on we will be putting everything we have into our activities, so…
For the time that is left, please continue supporting us just as before.

Thank you for everything until now.
And, together, let’s record the passing moments of the precious time that remains.



We, Megaromania, will be disbanding as of our July 31 one-man live at Shibuya O-EAST.
Personally, in my band life, this is actually the first time I’ve ever experienced the complete end that is called “disbanding.”
So… the fact that the band called Megaromania, that is my everything, is ending really hasn’t hit me yet.
However, the piercing ache in my chest resembles the indescribable and absolute sensation that “disbanding” is a definite reality, and is making this more clear to me.
But… it isn’t “the end” just yet.  There is only a little time remaining in our future, but along with everyone who loves us and supports us as Megaromania, we certainly still exist here and now.
So, personally, I won’t give up a single thing yet, and I won’t feel like hanging my head to face the ground.
Until the end, I will firmly look up, and while reaching my hand toward the sparkling future with everyone else… I will continue standing on the stage with a smile.  *laugh*
Until the end I will absolutely not do anything like crying… so let’s make a promise.  Everyone please laugh a lot, and please don’t let the light go out of all your wonderful smiling faces.
It’s a promise.
I am really happy that I got to meet the amazing members who are my pride, and all our amazing followers.
For everything until now… and for everything from now on too, thank you so very, very much.



Thanks to everyone who has supported us and came along with us all the way here.
Thank you so much for everything until now.
I am really happy that I was able to work and perform so much with members I could trust.
I think I have gained an irreplaceable treasure that will last a lifetime.
There are still so many things I want to do, but the choice of disbanding is also one part of the aesthetics of creation.
For the little time remaining, we will push forward with all we have.  Somehow, until the very end, please come see us and confirm this with your own eyes.



Their final lives together will, as stated above, take place on June 28th and 31st. Tickets for 「Megaromania 5TH ANNIVERSARY ONE MAN LIVE『THE LEGEND OF CREATION』」will go on sale May 11th. Advance sale tickets can be purchased at the following lives:

¥3500 to attend, ¥3500 day of. Advance Sale at Osaka RUIDO on February 17th.
07.31 Shibuya O-EAST
¥4000 to attend, ¥4500 day of. Advance Sale at Meguro Rock Maykan on February 11th.

Source: Under Code Productions OHP


Megaromania to Disband Reviewed by on . Despite having released their Best album this Wednesday, Megaromania have some shocking yet saddening news for fans. They've stated on UnderCode Production's we Despite having released their Best album this Wednesday, Megaromania have some shocking yet saddening news for fans. They've stated on UnderCode Production's we Rating:
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