New maxi-single for xTRiPx

New maxi-single for xTRiPx
According to their homepage, xTRiPx will release a new single which is called Disturb[da]border on March 30th in two different types. TYPE A will cost 2100 Yen and it’s limited to 1000 copies, it comes with a SE and three songs and also with a DVD containing the PV and the Making off. TYPE B will cost 1575 Yen and will include the SE and three songs only.

SE – Disturbed bordeR
01. trust
02.  Milky way
03.  yours only (TYPE A only)
03.  geT Ready (TYPE B only)

[DVD track list] (PV+Making off)

Source: OHP


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  1. lacika

    verycolorful. i’m waiting this,because the last CDs so good
    i’m curious the Milky Way song,because i like Milky Way w

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