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Jr Leaves ROGUE, Spurs Hiatus
Friday, February 7, 2014 at 2:47am in Departures, Hiatus, Translations

Jr Leaves ROGUE, Spurs Hiatus


ROGUE has announced that in a couple of weeks, drummer Jr will leave the band. As a result of his departure, the entire unit has decided to go on hiatus. Whether or not they will recover from the hiatus is uncertain at best and unlikely at most, judging from the comments the other members had to make about the move. Jr himself is not sure if he’ll join another band again but sounds interested in continuing to improve his drumming ability and may resurface in the industry in the future. Some of his band mates might as well.

This is an important announcement from ROGUE:

Thanks for your ongoing support.

Following the completion of our currently released official schedule, our drummer Jr will be departing the band.

The members which will remain have thought about our subsequent activities, and decided that ROGUE will go on hiatus after our February 26th show at OSAKA RUIDO.

We realize this may come as a shock, and we apologize.

All of our members are still planning to give it our best shot for all the lives we’ve still got planned until then, so we hope you’ll warm us up with your cheers until the very end.

Individual members’ comments are as follows.


Dear everyone who’s supported ROGUE,

I, Jr, will be leaving the band after the show we have planned for February 26th in Osaka.

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to all our fans,

and all the affiliates and staff who’ve kept us going.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. And,

I’m sorry for making this announcement so suddenly.

At the start, I hoped to get the report out quickly

and let the people with goals in mind take the wheel

during our planned schedule,

but since we decided to go on hiatus,

it turns out I get to keep playing as a member

right up until the last day.

I meant to take on drumming even more seriously

than I did the day I started, but

I just didn’t feel as enthusiastic about what we did anymore,

and I wasn’t sure continuing on like that

would be good for me OR the band, so on that note

after some heavy thinking, I decided to quit the band.

At first, I planned to just leave when it suited me best,

but then after playing more lives

I realized it would be a shame to stop my musical life

when I was still so bad at it, so after my decision

I treasured the chance to go into the studio by myself

and give myself a good, hard look

so I think I still want to continue drumming.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to go around and

officially play with any other bands, but

I certainly hope we can meet again,

and until then I’ll keep on improving myself.

I don’t have much time left as part of ROGUE,

but I hope we four can stay in good spirits

and take on the songs we gave birth to

at our last lives, so

please cheer us on until the end.


Sorry to drop this on you.

I’ve met a lot of people while playing with ROGUE and I owe ’em all a lot. Thanks.

I know we’re calling it a ‘hiatus’, but I think I’ve found another path I wanna take.

You won’t see my real feelings come out in the time we have left, but I mean to keep giving it everything I’ve got.

Hope you’ll be there for us till the last day.


A big thank-you to everyone who’s cheered ROGUE on these past two years.

We all came to this decision together after some long talks.

This is technically a hiatus, so some of our members might go back to playing in the future, but right now band activities just aren’t what’s on my mind.

So I’m going to give our remaining in-stores and lives everything I’ve got, not leaving any regrets.

Thanks for everything up till now.

Hope you’ll be good to us for this next month.


Really sorry that this comes so suddenly.

So one of us is leaving, and we other three decided to go on a break after finishing our current schedule.

We had to think hard to decide on this.

I think this is time that we all need to think about ourselves and what we’re going to do next.

I honestly have no idea what’s going to happen, but please look out for us in the meantime. If I’m lucky, this might be it for me.

I’m so grateful to the members I went through all this with, and to everyone who’s supported, that I can hardly put it into words. Thank you.

For the rest of our schedule, we’re going to work together to make these lives great, so please come see for yourselves.

ROGUE has four lives remaining before the hiatus including their last on February 26th. As mentioned, the live will take place at OSAKA RUIDO. Tickets are currently on sale through e-plus.

Translation: Adventure Tim
Source: vkdb, Minami’s Ameblo


Jr Leaves ROGUE, Spurs Hiatus Reviewed by on . ROGUE has announced that in a couple of weeks, drummer Jr will leave the band. As a result of his departure, the entire unit has decided to go on hiatus. Whethe ROGUE has announced that in a couple of weeks, drummer Jr will leave the band. As a result of his departure, the entire unit has decided to go on hiatus. Whethe Rating:
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