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Ruka Leaves RUVISH Hanging on White Day Eve
Monday, February 3, 2014 at 9:00am in Departures, Events, Lives, New Looks, News, One-mans, Translations

Ruka Leaves RUVISH Hanging on White Day Eve

Just in time for a brand new look, RUVISH’s beloved Ruka will be parting ways with the band come this March.


Just a couple of days ago, RUVISH broke the news to fans. Drummer Ruka will be leaving the band following their March 13th live at Shinjuku RUIDO K4, their White Day Eve live event. Needless to say, the event will probably not be a happy one.

You can read RUVISH’s official announcement along with member comments, thanks to our awesome Adventure Tim:

2014-02-01 00:03:25

Thanks for always supporting RUVISH. We have an important announcement for everyone.

After our live on March 13, 2013 [sic — should be 2014], Shinjuku RUIDO K4 RUVISH presents 『ROCK NUMBER GAME -Whiteday eve live-』, our drummer Ruka will be departing the band.

Our heartfelt apologies for this sudden announcement, to everyone who has come and supported us, and to our affiliates who helped us along the way. We’ll only be a five-piece band for a little longer, but our members and all of our staff will be channeling all our gratitude into working as hard as we can, so please cheer us on just as you have before.

Thank you for your support.



※Member Comments※


First of all, I apologize for making this announcement so suddenly. All along, the importance and the difficulty of always carrying on have been the central to my message.

Even when it gets tough, you can get through things you can’t overcome alone when everyone is there to help.

With that in mind, the five of us went on supporting each other. This decision we’ve made is the result of us all being completely honest with each other, butting heads, talking it out, and finally respecting all of each other’s visions for their futures and their lives.

I’ll no longer be part of RUVISH after March 13th, but I fully intend to keep cheering them on from the heart.

I meant to keep going until our one-man live on May 5th, but in the end I decided I have to leave after the event in March.

I’m truly grateful to all our Rabbits who’ve cheered us on.

We have only a few shows left together with all five of us, but with each live we’re going to put all of our spirit into giving you the message we want to give.


I’m deeply sorry to have to bring everyone connected to RUVISH this disappointing news.

I strongly believe that the intense difficulty that continuing the band would have involved is not any one person’s fault, and that we members all share responsibility.

It may be unfair to ask you to understand us for now, but we in RUVISH have decided to keep on playing music and believe that eventually you will understand.

I’m going to savor the time we have left as a fivesome, and sing my heart out onstage so as to leave no regrets, and I hope you’ll have fun with us too.


To all our Rabbits, and everyone who supports us, I’m sorry to bring you down with this unfortunate news.

Since we started out, RUVISH has played with only our original members. We didn’t change around our membership when we formed. We just took the original five of us and went off to make our dreams come true.

But in the year and three months or so we’ve been together, the visions we had for RUVISH slowly started to grow apart. Which is basically why we’ve come to this decision.

When we formed, we always wanted to be a band who “always faces towards our fans together” and “always grows together with our fans,” but now we have this heartbreaking announcement, and it pains me to make it.

Ruka-chan was the one who talked me out of quitting music. I wouldn’t the same now if not for that. Even if differences in vision and direction have come between us, I still wish for him to have a bright future, as a band member and as a friend.

We’re going to five you our best in the time we have left, so keep cheering on RUVISH and Ruka, too.


In the time between when we formed RUVISH and now, even with two years gone by, some things have changed and some things haven’t. Sorry things turned out this way, everyone.

I think this change is for the better. We’ve been together for two years now, and we’ve started to understand each other’s feelings better when we talk.

When we opened up our hearts to each other, we ended up deciding to part ways. We came up with a lot of answers, which everyone felt differently about, but I think I want to just leave it at these words.

Ruka-san will be walking a different path from us soon, but we’re going to savor each show we have left as a five-piece band and enjoy the music, so do your best to have fun too.

I hope you’ll continue to cheer RUVISH on from now on, and Ruka after March on his separate path.


Really sorry to bring you this news, everyone. I really thought the solidarity we felt when the five of us formed RUVISH would last.

We’ve been going for a year and three months now.

We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. I believed RUVISH were going to come together, help each other, and trust one another as we walked along the same path and grew up together.

But now, differences came up in people’s values and viewpoints, and here we are.

It’s such a shame.

Not much time left, but even though we’re splitting up, I’ll hope you’ll watch over what we do warmly until then.

Ruka has seen the band through an amazing 8 singles, including their 6-month consecutive release series that ended this past December with “LUV VEGAS.” I’d say that’s quite a track record to leave behind in less than two years.

Though March is fast approaching, you still have a few chances to say your goodbyes to Ruka. You can also show your support to the band by attending their lives following the drummer’s departure, including their 2-year-anniversary one-man.

February 25th @ Meguro Live Station
Part 1: Open 15:00/Start 15:30
Part 2: Open 18:30/Start 19:00

March 1st @ Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE
Ticket: 3500yen advance/4000yen same day
With: Dacco / マイナス人生オーケストラ (Minus Jinsei Orchestra) / TЯicKY / 最鋭輝 (Motoki)

March 6th @ Ikebukuro EDGE
Ticket: 3000yen advance/3500yen same day
With: LEZARD / LANDZ / the LEM / xTRiPx / Emu. / 弾丸 NO LIMIT (Dangan NO LIMIT)

March 13th @ Shinjuku RUIDO K4
RUVISH Presents “ROCK NUMBER GAME -Whiteday eve live-“
With: Dacco / the LEM / [MU:] / Annie’s black

May 5th @ Takadanobaba AREA
RUVISH 2nd Anniversary ONEMAN LIVE 【Gaki⇔Rock】
Ticket: 3000yen advance/3500yen same day

Translation: Adventure Tim
Source: vkdb, OHP

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Ruka Leaves RUVISH Hanging on White Day Eve Reviewed by on . Just in time for a brand new look, RUVISH's beloved Ruka will be parting ways with the band come this March. Just a couple of days ago, RUVISH broke the news to Just in time for a brand new look, RUVISH's beloved Ruka will be parting ways with the band come this March. Just a couple of days ago, RUVISH broke the news to Rating:
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