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Interview: Grieva’s Proof of Existence
Thursday, February 2, 2017 at 11:54pm in Featured, Interviews, Lives, New Releases, One-mans, Tours

Interview: Grieva's Proof of Existence


Our first interview of the new year is with none other than Grieva! We’re sure you’ve at least heard of them before, but in case you haven’t, Grieva is a 90’s-style visual kei band that has been rocking out since 2012. They’re releasing their 9th single on February 22nd, “Sonzai Shoumei” (存在証明). Their looks and sound are a bit on the darker side of the visual kei spectrum, but any fan will tell you that they’re a blast to see live.

In this interview with Grieva, the band talks about their goals for the new year, the new single, their upcoming tour in March, and even a little bit about overseas. Enjoy!

Grieva’s Proof of Existence

1. Since this is our first interview with Grieva, please start by introducing yourselves.
Kyouki: I’m Kyouki on vocals.
Roku: I’m Roku on guitar.
haru: I’m haru, also on guitar.
Hisame: I’m the bassist, Hisame.
Yuugo: And I’m Yuugo on drums.

Vo. 狂気-kyouki-

Vo. 狂鬼-kyouki-

2. The New Year just started. What are some of your resolutions for this year (both for the band and personally)?
Yuugo: We’re releasing a new single in February, and after that, we’re having our second one-man tour. For now, I want to focus on making that tour a big success.
Kyouki: I think we need to start aiming higher as a band, so I want to work on making Grieva even bigger this year. Also, personally, my goal is to live until next year.
All: (laugh)
Roku: Last year, we weren’t able to visit a lot of places in Japan. We visited a few places on our one-man tour last May, but besides that, we haven’t been anywhere. I want to go to a lot of areas of Japan this year.
haru: We’re playing at a lot of venues and visiting a lot of areas of Japan for the first time as Grieva during our upcoming one-man tour in March. I want to make some good memories on that tour, and I also want to make opportunities to visit those places again. We’re visiting places like Hyogo for the first time and playing our first Yokohama solo show, and I want to make sure we can go back to those places a second or third time.
Hisame: We have our second one-man tour this year. I got into the swing of things during the last tour, so I’m hoping I can push myself to the limit at every show. That’s how I want to spend 2017.
On a more personal level, I don’t change my equipment or sound very often, so I’d like to change some of that by buying some new equipment.

3. Grieva has been together since July 2012, which means this July will mark your fifth anniversary. Do you have any special plans to celebrate it?
Kyouki: We don’t have any solid plans yet, but since it’s our fifth anniversary, we’d like to do something interesting. Look forward to it.

4. Now, let’s talk about your new single set to release on February 22nd, “Sonzai Shoumei” (存在証明). Could you tell us a bit about each song on the track? What kind of concept is it based on?
Kyouki: I reflected on what I set out to accomplish when I started this band. I decided that I wanted some sort of proof of my existence in this world – proof that I’m alive. That’s the kind of message written in the lyrics.
Also, I wanted our fans that watch us on stage to show us that as well. Those messages are included in all the songs on the new single.

Gt. 陽-haru-

Gt. 陽-haru-

5. Next, we’d like to ask a bit about each song on the single.
・“Shitsumei” (失明)
Kyouki: It’s a pretty wild and hectic song from start to finish.

-So, it’s pretty heavy?
Kyouki: Yeah. But whenever I write songs, I try to make sure the chorus is easy to listen to. So even though it’s a crazy song, the chorus is easy to follow.

・Existence proof
Roku: There hasn’t been a song like this in Grieva before. It’s technical and demands a lot from its players. It’s worth listening closely to by both fans and its players. It will be really entertaining to see live.

・Happy birthday NEW Mother fuxxer.
Kyouki: I think this song is amazing live. We’ve been playing it a bit at shows already. It’s a song that gets everyone involved, and both the fans and the band can have fun with it.

-What does it sound like musically?
Kyouki: It’s a heavy song overall, but I wanted to make the chorus sound super poppy. I think it takes people surprise when they hear it for the first time.

・Stupid trash
haru: This song is pretty insane from start to finish. It doesn’t have a lot of flourishes or special touches. It’s basically a song that everyone can go crazy to and get pumped up.

6. You’re kicking off a tour in March following the release. What kind of tour are you planning?
Kyouki: It’s based off the concept of our upcoming single, “Sonzai Shoumei.” I said this before, but I want to prove to fans—and have them prove to us—that we are living here and now. I want us both to prove our existence to each other.
Roku: I want to have fun. I want us to give it our all at all of the shows, so that we can say “That was so much fun,” at the end.

Gt. 碌-Roku-

Gt. 碌-Roku-

Hisame: Most of the songs on the new single were made for live performances. That’s the kind of band we are. I hope we can find some new tricks on this tour to make our shows crazier and more fun than ever.
haru: Since these are one-man shows, I think it would be really interesting if we played some songs that we don’t normally play.
Yuugo: This will be our second one-man tour. Our one-man tour in May last year was a blast. This time, we’ll be visiting more places, and my dream of playing a show in my hometown (Kobe) will come true. I’m really excited. I hope we can finish our final at TSUTAYA O-WEST smiling.

-Are there any shows on this tour in particular that you’re looking forward to?
Kyouki: I want to enjoy all the stops on this tour. It’s not like we’re playing in my hometown of Gunma, anyways… (laughs) But at the final, I hope we can show all that we’ve gained on the tour.
Roku: I’m not looking forward to one show in particular, but I’d like to make our show in Yuugo’s hometown a good one since it’s our first time playing there.
Hisame: I’m looking forward to the second half of the tour. I’m excited for the first half, too, but I’m also excited for the weird kind of energy that comes along with being so tired during the second half of the tour. I think it’ll be fun. (laughs)
All: (laugh)
haru: I’m not looking forward to one show in particular; I’m looking forward to the whole thing. Our last tour with just the 5 of us—not with any other bands—was really fun.

7. Since this interview is geared towards your fans overseas, could you tell us where in the world you’d like to visit and why?
Yuugo: I want to go to Singapore.
All: Singapore??
Yuugo: When I was in high school, I went on my first and only trip abroad. That was in Singapore. It was really fun, so I want to go again.
Kyouki: I’ve never been outside of Japan before, so as long as it’s not Japan, I’d be excited. (laughs) I want to go to Europe, though.

Ba. 緋雨-Hisame-

Ba. 緋雨-Hisame-

Yuugo: I want to go somewhere with good food.
Kyouki: Italy.
haru: I want to go to the UK. It’s like the mecca of rock music. I don’t have a passport, though…
All: (laugh)
Roku: In the end, I guess I choose Germany. I think there are a lot of good bands there.
Hisame: New York. America. I want to take a picture of me in the city that looks really cool.
All: (laugh)

8. Lastly, please give us a message to all of your fans and readers at
Kyouki: Grieva lives are all about having fun, so I think you’ll enjoy us even if you’ve never seen us before. We don’t do anything particularly difficult. Even fans from overseas will have fun. I hope you can come see us.
Roku: I think it’s difficult to come see us from overseas, but we’ll do everything we can to make our shows are great when you come to see them.
We don’t have any plans right now to play a show overseas, but there may be a chance in the future. When that time comes, I hope you can enjoy the show and we can enjoy it, too.
haru: If you’re reading this from overseas, I want to visit your country someday.
Before that, though, I want to do all I can to make our upcoming one-man tour in March an awesome one. If you happen to be in Japan during that time, I hope we can prove our existence to you.
Yuugo: Whether you’re a fan in Japan or overseas, we’re trying our best in this band every day. You can meet us whenever and wherever. Whether you’re Japanese or not, I hope you can see us at our shows or in-store events.

Dr. 優冴-Yuugo-

Dr. 優冴-Yuugo-

Hisame: Personally, I really want to go overseas. I want to experience the different cultures and the different live venues. Please continue to give us your support so I can make that dream come true.












If you’re interested in the new single, you can pre-order it on CDJapan. Keep checking back to see updates about everything else Grieva-related, and let us know what you thought of the interview with a comment or two!

Interview by Shannon


Interview: Grieva’s Proof of Existence Reviewed by on . Our first interview of the new year is with none other than Grieva! We're sure you've at least heard of them before, but in case you haven't, Grieva is a 90's-s Our first interview of the new year is with none other than Grieva! We're sure you've at least heard of them before, but in case you haven't, Grieva is a 90's-s Rating: 0

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