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If you’re living in the southern United States, this might be of interest to you! Recently confirmed, will be hosting a Visual Kei-based panel titled 「Exploration of the Visual Kei Frontier」 at MomoCon 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia, hosted by Zetsubou!

MomoCon will, as described in the image, take place on March 8th to the 10th at the Hilton Atlanta Hotel. Until 2010, MomoCon had been held at Georgia Tech campus, and had been the largest free convention in the United States! The panel will take place on Saturday the 9th at 7 PM EST until 8:30PM, in Panels 3 – Salon Room A. We have plenty of space available, so drop on by if you’re in the area!

Unfortunately this convention is no longer free of charge, and you’ll have to buy a pass to attend the panel. Pre-registration is open until February 24th, and you can always buy a ticket at the convention. 3-day pre-reg tickets will cost $30 ($40 at the door), and a one day pass will cost $30 for Saturday.

The panel,「Exploration of the Visual Kei Frontier」will be the first solely-Visual Kei panel for the convention, and the first in Georgia as a whole. Attendees will be treated to the history of Visual, as well as PV and Live viewings, Q&A and trivia sessions, in which prizes will be awarded! Also, if you plan on attending, please let us know by following the event on Facebook!

Wanna know more about the convention and who’s coming? Visit MomoCon’s website here!

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