the Underneath disbands

the Underneath disbands
the Underneath have announced that they will be disbanding on May 3rd, 2010, after their live at Shibuya O-WEST.

The following announcement has been posted on their OHP.

To all of our fans,

the Underneath has been active snce January 1st, 2008, however, we are now announcing that we have decided to disband after our performance on May 3rd, 2010, at Shibuya O-WEST.

We truly thank all the fans who have been cheering us on thus far, during our 13 years of activity, and still through our activities as the Underneath.
The members are all grateful from the bottom of their hearts.

Furthermore, to show our gratitude to all of our fans, we will be having a disbanding tour.

the Underneath LAST LIVE TOUR 2010 “LAST SCENE”

We only have a short amount of time left together, however, we hope that you can continue to support us until the very end.

The members have each posted comments on the OHP regarding the announcement:

TAKA’s Comment

I’m sorry about surprising you with this unexpected announcement.
This is the decision that we’ve reached after numerous conversations between the members.
I want to enjoy the little time that we have left as the Underneath to it’s utmost potential.
Let’s meet on our last tour.


MASATO’s Comment

Please accept our decision to disband.
I love the band, and the members, however, finally this day as come.
Nevertheless, in order to move forward, the five of us talked together and came to this decision, which I have no regrets about.
To all of you who have believed in us and supported us, I can’t express in words how grateful I am.


TAL’s Commet

Even though two years is a short amount of time, I am truly grateful that I was able to meet all of you.
I’m not sure if we came up with the right answer or not, but I’ll keep searching for what is.
I honestly thank you all for all the love you have given me.


RYO’s Comment

Creation is born out of destruction
This is the best, forward-facing answer that came out of our numerous discussions.
We will push through with all our power [until the end].


MASAKI’s Comment

It’s been about two and a half years since I’ve been active with the band.
It honestly felt like just an instant.
However, I feel that the time I’ve spent has been rich.
I’ve been friends with the other members for more than ten years, and yet we are still able to respect each other.
Being able to have such happiness, is thanks to all of the fans who have been supporting us.
Thank you.
Even though saying farewell makes you lonesome, I feel that there are still many things that I have to do.
At any rate, our last tour will be a hit!
I really want to leave behind a time that in five, or even ten years, will remain unrusted in every one’s hearts.

I’m sorry that I can’t write that well. I wish I could express exactly what I want to…

The end is coming, but before that, there will surely be a beginning.
I’ll be glad if I can see all your smiling faces again.

Thank you.


The band’s final tour, “LAST SCENE” kicks off in March:
March 21st @ HEAVEN’S ROCK VJ-3 Saitama Shinsaibashi
April 10th @ Kobe STAR CLUB
April 29th @ Nagoya ell.FITSALL
May 3rd @ Shibuya O-WEST

The first three shows on the tour cost 3150 yen to attend, and their final live is 3800 yen.

the Underneath will also be putting out one last single titled “Diamond” on March 17th. It will contain four tracks and cost 1500 yen:
1. Diamond
2. Deep -acoustic ver.-
3. Bite the bullet -re-build ver.-
4. Frontier -re-build.ver.-

Source: OHP

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  1. Aru

    Why oh why T______T

  2. TsUneko

    Noooo ;___;

  3. Hizushi

    this sucks -.-…

    nya, there seems to be a mistake?!

    first: “the Underneath has been active snce January 1st, 2008″
    then: “during our 13 years of activity”

    2008 -> 2010 = 13 years?! @@

    • Adrienne

      They were active as the Underneath from 2008, before that they were Transtic Nerve.

      • Seraphinne

        Aah now I do understand! Thank you. It’s just too bad!

  4. kikki

    nooooooooo :'(

  5. satoshi

    …..another great band >< i am looking forward to their last single. but why Dx

  6. yat

    Dx . that was totally unexpected!

  7. kuroda

    Oh… What a pity…

  8. Kieru

    That’s a shame. I’ve been a fan since the beginning. These things happen, and I am sure they have their reasons for disbanding. I wish all the guys luck in whatever it is they do afterwards. Good luck on your final tour, boys! We love you!

  9. Jinx

    WHAT THE HELL?! This is a sad sad day. I hope they aren’t retiring from music completely. They all seem to genuinely enjoy performing. I’m in shock right now. Ughhh why?!?!?

  10. HanaKirei

    Ugh, why. D: This is such a bummer…

  11. plastictreefan

    WTF NO

    they were so damn good!

  12. nen


  13. Julie

    They have reformed but minus Tal as defspiral :)

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